21 famous halls with unusual characteristics such as the hidden door of the castle and the dungeon of the large mansion house

Buildings such as the former president's parents home and the royal palace have buildings with unusual characteristics such as hidden doors, hidden rooms and underground dunes, among them 21 famous mansions are "21 Famous Homes with Amazing FeaturesIt is introduced in.

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◆ 01:There is a huge wine cellar in the villa of the Kennedy family in Cape Cod.

◆ 02:Magazine 'PLAYBOY' issued byHugh HefnerMr. Los Angeles' estate in California, owned by Mr., has a small zoo and animal cemetery, as well as a well-maintained redwood forest next to it.

◆ 03:Mr. Hefner went to ChicagoPlayboy MansionI have a mansion called the man and still living with many women including a positive wife, but the accessories in the house are not very flashy. However, there is a bar in the basement, and in addition to being able to see the pool through the glass, a rotating bed is also installed.

◆ 04:Located in North CarolinaBiltmore HouseWas born into a richest familyGeorge Washington Vanderbilt IIThe French · Renaissance style mansion built in 1895. There are special accommodations for married men and luxurious billiards room where both men and women can enter. On both sides of the fireplace in the billiards room there is a secret door leading to women's forbidden accommodation.

◆ 05:American newspaper king ·William Randolph HurstHas built a mansion in California over 28 years.

There were 165 rooms, 2 indoor pools and gardens on the site of 127 acres (about 514 square kilometers), which means that 100 phones were installed.

◆ 06:New York City mayor's official residence (Gracie Mansion) Fireplace was used to shoot programs that keep watching firewood burning fire in a fireplace all the time for 3 hours and the picture was broadcast in New York's TV station · WPIX in 1966. Also served as the first US Treasury secretaryAlexander HamiltonIt is said that he died in front of this fireplace.

◆ 07:Winchester Mystery HouseWas a private residence built by Mr. Sarah Winchester, widow of Mr. William Wart Winchester who succeeded in gun business. After her husband's death, Mrs. Winchester said from the media, "The ghosts of those who died of a Winchester gun are cursing the family," continued to build a house for the spirit. There are 160 rooms, 2000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 stairs in the residence, and furthermore there is a secret hidden passage like a mountain. Today it is a tourist destination as a haunted house.

◆ 08:To Buckingham Palace, there are underground aisles and hidden doors that continue to the Parliament House, as a matter of course. Besides, there is a hidden door which continues to the queen in "white sitting room".

◆ 09:Michael Jackson's home and amusement park, Neverland has a steam locomotive around the premises.

The steam locomotive pulling the train is named "Catherine" after the name of Michael Jackson's mother.

◆ 10:The White House has collected thousands of music records since 1973 but collection stops after the 40th president Ronald Reagan moved records to the underground warehouse. There are other nuclear shelters and dental facilities dedicated to the president's family in other underground warehouses.

◆ 11:It is the former home of John Quincy Adams of the 6th presidentPeace FieldThere is a stone archive with a fire protection specification, and 14,000 books are stored.

◆ 12:The 32nd president Franklin Roosevelt was bornSpringwood EstateAlso, there is a collection of books at the same level as Peacefield, and there are also paintings depicting hundreds of bird specimens, coins and stamp collections, naval warships, and so on.

◆ 13:Henry VIII'sHampton Court PalaceThere are valuable astronomical clocks of the 16th century. With this watch, I was able to know time, date, age, time of the zodiac, and the water level of the river flowing under the London Bridge.

◆ 14:Third-generation president Thomas Jefferson said that he can house plenty of natural lightPoplar forestAnd settled in and retreated after immigration.

◆ 15:Oil KingJohn RockefellerThe construction of the mansion · Kykat of the city was invested in 1914 with five times the original planned budget.

◆ 16:In AustriaAmbras CastleThere is a dedicated room for collecting overseas arts and antiques.

◆ 17:King's Palace of Brunei DarussalamIstana Nurul ImanIt boasts a floor area of ​​2 million square feet (about 186 square kilometers) and is said to be the world's largest residence. Among the buildings are 257 bathrooms, 100 parking lots, 18 elevators, 564 chandeliers, and 200 polo horses "Poloponies" are kept in air-conditioned rooms.

◆ 18:High-rise buildingPorsche Design TowerThe parking lot is also on the super high floor and carries the car to the parking lot using a transparent elevator made of glass.

◆ 19:The royal palace of Genghis Khan has not been discovered yet, but it is believed that there is a tomb of Genghis Khan near the palace.

◆ 20:It is a residence of Elvis PresleyGracelandIn the basement of the hotel there is a room to relax with men alone. The ceiling of the room is mirror-finished, and it is said that a fountain of carbonate, a billiard table, a jukebox, three televisions, etc. are installed.

◆ 21:Sewing machine manufacturing companysingerOwned bySinger CastleMany tons of Italian granite were used, which was completed in 1905. There are 28 rooms and a dungeon in the castle, with 3 boat huts and 2 icebins.

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