What kind of impression does the driver have about "automatic driving car" that is sure to appear in the near future?


Competition in the development of automatic driving cars is booming like the Ford announced to release an automatic driving car without handle pedals by 2021, and automatic driving cars are considered to spread in the near future in the near future. What kind of images do Americans have about such an automatic driving car, whether they are favorable or not, what generation and what kind of people want automated driving cars, the car intermediary industryKelley Blue Book(KBB) in a large-scale survey.

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KBB investigated the "way of thinking about an automatic driving car" for a total of 2,264 Americans from 12 to 64 years old.

Even if you say "automatic driving car" in a bite, there are five stages, and the function to assist the driver such as Tesla's autopilot mode is level 3. Currently, research and development on automatic driving cars are underway by various companies, but what they can drive even if the driver does not operate anything is Level 4, and what can be operated to the destination even if there is no driver in the car It is classified as level 5.

A question asking whether an automated driving car is necessary or not, 51% and a majority of people answered "I want full control of the car by myself even if it is not safe for others."

Nevertheless, 63% of people believe that accidents will decrease and become safe when an automated driving car becomes common, 60% think that it is important for traffic safety that cars exchange information with each other As you can see, many Americans are tolerant of automatic driving cars.

However, as 80% of people answered "I need a function to drive by myself", I do not give the right to enjoy the driving. By the way, the situation where automatic driving cars are most useful is cited as "When you drink alcohol" or "When the elderly travels."

In response to the question "Does an automobile driving car popularize while I am alive?", The opinion is positive as the age is lowered. While 76% of the baby boomer generation from 51 to 64 years old answered "not popular", only one in three people in the generation of 12 to 15 years old answered "not spread" It is in contrast to not being.

Nonetheless, few people know precisely about "what is an automated driving car", and 6 out of 10 people do not have much knowledge about automatic driving cars.

This is a graph showing the reliability to the automatic driving function of each level. You can also see that the automatic operation function of Level 2 such as Level 1, lane keep function, lane change function etc. that keeps running speed is more reliable than more advanced automatic operation function .

Automatic driving functions of level 1 and 2 are required for everyday use in everyday life, whereas in applications such as traveling over long distances, the demand for more advanced automatic driving functions after level 3 is large It seems.

As a result that the expectation to level 5 is small in every scene such as highway driving, traveling, traveling, commuting, going to school. The reliability to the level 5 automatic driving car which does not even handle, accelerator and brake is not high yet.

The expected value as of May 2016 is that the level 4 which can be automatically driven on the premise that there are drivers in the car is the highest result.

The KBB is analyzing that the automated driving car of level 4 which can be controlled by himself is collecting support as a good point of level 3 and level 5 picking up.

It seems that demand for the level 4 automatic driving car is as large as the automobile equipped with level 2 automatic driving function which is becoming popular in general.

Most of the popularization of the current automatic driving car by level is Level 1, Level 2 will stay at 12%. Statistically even level 3 is classified as "0%", it seems that it will take time to disseminate more.

However, those owning a car with automatic driving function of Level 2 or higher turned out to have a strong demand for more advanced automatic driving function. Furthermore, it is clear surprising fact that I do not think that "optional function" that drives by myself is absolutely necessary.

Under the assumption that all automatic driving cars up to level 5 will emerge by 2020, 59% say that they will be interested in purchasing and leasing automatic driving cars.

The generation called "Gen Z" of 12 to 15 years old has more knowledge of the automatic driving car than any generation, and over 70% feel that the level 5 automatic driving car is comfortable and safe It turned out.

In this survey, it may be said that appealing to a younger generation such as Gen Z is important for the sales strategy of the automatic driving car.

It was also found that people who own luxury cars have a strong interest in automatic driving cars. Regarding the recognition rate to the level 5 automatic driving car, only 39% of the luxury car owners do not own the luxury car, while 60% of the luxury car owners have knowledge.

It is also clear that we feel comfortable with respect to automatic driving cars as luxury car owners and believe it is safe.

For the luxury car owner, I also know that the level 4 automatic driving car and the level 5 automatic driving car are about the same expected value.

In a taxi dispatch service, it seems that a majority of people want to use services that human drivers drive.

However, limited to those who have actually used automobile sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, more than half of the people are positive for the dispatch service by automatic driving cars.

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