American tanks during World War II are discovered from under the French road

American chariot was used in World War II in the street of Chartres 90 km southwest of Paris. Tanks themselves are not particularly dangerous and are to be digged from the ground by experts.

Details are as below.World War 2 US tank buried under French road The Daily Telegraph

A bomb disposal expert was called on the scene, and in order to ascertain the danger of the tank, we used the mining equipment to scrape off the soil around the car body. It appeared from the ground that the US military was used during the Second World WarM5 light tank. It was discovered this time in 1944D-DayIt was used when trying to recapture France from Nazis · Germany.

A tank that is covered with soil and looks like a fossil.

Neighbors say that the tanks that first came for reconnaissance, whether they had run out of fuel or broke down. It was said that such tanks were buried by digging holes when France was released, and it seems that the time was discovered by chance.

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