A valuable movie "London in 1927" where you can experience the streetscape of London in the 1920s at the time in color at the time

Around the various tourist attractions in London, commentaries of various places are politely and diagonally written, and a movie that can take full advantage of the 1920's London townscape is this "London in 1927"is. According to Mr. Claude · Friers · Green, who photographed, it was photographed in the 1920s using the technology called color process which was exercised by William, the father of the film photographer.

London in 1927 on Vimeo

The animation starts from a strong phrase "I am very happy to see London, listen to it, sniff it".

It is a beautiful image that I can not imagine a movie of the 1920s.

Is it a ship of a shipyard floating in a big river?

A tower like a castle along the river.

Next is the famous "The London Bridge fell.It is sung in children's songs of "London BridgeCross over.

This is the London bridge in the 1920s. Cars and buses will run as usual.

A big bridge visible in the back is "Tower Bridge"This is also a famous building in the world.

What does "powerful hand" mean?

Is this hand a powerful hand ...?

It seems that this hand was doing traffic control.

When a man rides to the side of the road, the car starts to move at once. Because I was stopping and running a lot of cars that were running in London at that time with one-handed movement, it would be a powerful hand.

"White HallIt seems that the war dead monument stands up.

A white stone monument in the middle of the road is a war dead monument.

When approaching, many flowers are dedicated.

The buses seen everywhere in the movie exceeded 4000 at that time and seems to have become a terrible traffic volume.

next"London Fire Column MonumentI will go to.

This happened in 1666London fireIt was built in 1677, to commemorate the recovery from.

What does "the entrance to the lungs in London" mean?

This is the Royal Park of London "Hyde ParkIt seems that it was the entrance of.

I will go inside.

Hyde park seems to be a great encounter spot for young men and women.

There are lots of women in the park.

A marble gate called "Marble Arch" at the entrance of Hyde Park.

At the timeMarble ArchIt is like this.

Located on the west side of Hyde ParkKensington Gardens"What.

A girl is sitting alone.

Go to "Peter Pan image" in Kensington Gardens.

Whether the camera is unusual or a small child poses.

Did you get bored, or dismember it and its place?

The road from the park to the entertainment district.

British gentlemen wearing hunting hats and hats are sliding.

English players who won the rugby match against Australia.

The key sports events are missing, but it seems to be a game of "cricket".

Looking over "Westminster Bridge" ......

Is the bridge on the river the Westminster Bridge?

There is a big castle on the bridge.

And at the end it seems to show "bestowed" to convey the wonder of London.

Slowly move the camera ... ...

The last thing I introduced was,Big BenThere is a clock tower called "Westminster Palace"was.

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