Movie of the city falling down one after another with a bad breath like a rotten dove

If such a thing happens around me, shock is not a level event, but in fact, the involved parties have fallen into a panic without knowing what happened.

La Pire Haleine du Monde - YouTube

The place is Rouen in France.

It seems to the man on the left the street, the man on the right is asking the way.

The man taught me kindly, but the man who asked me while he was doing is stupid.

Hmm? As soon as the man feels doubt ......

People around fall one after another ......

A person who was in the plaza annihilates

Another man also encounters similar eyes.

After thinking a bit with putting your hands on your chin ......

"It must be a shame," escaped with a dash.

Women in pocahn state

When the target looks back, there is a picture of another place on the huge screen in the square.

People are falling down one after another


Police officers under parking violation also down on the spot

It laughs unexpectedly to this

Personality collapsed even at radio stations, and staff also sacrificed.

There is no exception even if you are on the bus, and the bus stops after the bus runs are deaths and deaths.

A man standing out with "huh?"

There is no choice but to laugh when you come this way

During the basketball game, neither the players nor the referee knows.

And this time, my appearance was shown on the screen.

The big shot was "Tic TacMint called "

A fallen woman gives Tic Tac a target

A man who eats Tic Tac without knowing what he is

Then everyone is resurrected


I'm glad that it was good.

The camera is over there, it is spoiled.

It is a promotion movie "Mint to prevent halitosis", unfortunately it does not seem to be sold in Japan. It is a place to worry about what happens when we shoot CM of this product in Japan.

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