A decisive moment when a supporter's sister in the world cup has excited his boobs with excitement

It is a picture that captured the moment when the women's clothing enthusiastically cheering on the World Cup shifted little by little and eventually became a figure that was not even hailed. Because this woman is crazy and cheering, he seems to have not noticed his appearance and his brother's gaze, so I can understand how much I was absorbed in cheering.

Details are from the following.
Women of Brazilian supporters who enthusiastically support

It seems like the clothes are getting drifted off more and more ... (Clicking from the image below will make the blur off)

A woman who does not notice such a thing and supports it hard

Jump hard, this should not be done

When compared with the first one is obvious

Somehow my older brother seems happy

The person himself does not seem to have noticed at all

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Самая известная бразильская болельщица (9 фото)

This picture was taken inYokohama International StadiumWas done at2002 FIFA World Cup Japan · Korea GamesThe final game of Brazil vs Germany. The crucial moment was taken in BrazilRonaldoIt seems that after deciding the final goal, it may be that he did not notice what he was like with his excitement.

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