Detergent mixed in fountain of the cathedral, covered with bubbles on one side

RussianKazan CathedralAs a result of mixing some kind of detergent in the fountain of the fountain, it seems that it became covered with foam.

Previously at GIGAZINEThe girlfriend I was dating after revenge, the car was full of bubblesI talked about the story, is it popular in Russia to do a mischief with bubbles?

Details are as follows.
English Russia >> Kazan Cathedral in Foam

The fountain is full of bubbles.

It is covered with foam.

People to shoot.

What is this big bubble.

The wind seems to be strong.

Apparently this bubble seems to be handy. What are they made from?

According to the link below, the same Ilazra seems to have been done in the fountain in the square.

English Russia >> The Biggest Bubble Bath

Again the fountain is covered with bubbles.

Frolicers also.

I would like to see such interesting mischief in Japan too.

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