A car that was revenged on former Kano and was full of bubbles

It is a picture of a car that was dating after getting revenged on her and being full of bubbles.

Unlike cars being beaten and destroyed, it seems that there is less damage as it only needs to rinse foam, apparently it seems that her girlfriend is pretty much grudged.

Details are as follows.
English Russia >> Foam Revenge Strikes Back

This is that car. It is full of bubbles.

The whole is like this. Bubbles stacked behind are charming.

As seen from the front.

Did it drop the windshield foam with a wiper?

Bubbles riding hard.

Passengers are looking at the eyes to see suspicious things.

It seems to be difficult to make up but it may be better for you to apologize to her exactly once. When resolving relationships, is it possible to make it as smooth as possible?

According to the following link, it seems that the same revenge was done elsewhere. It may not be so bad because only the clearance of the car is full of bubbles here.
English Russia >> Russian Revenge

Even so, why was the idea of ​​using foams born?

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