A mysterious girl takes revenge one after another on a motorbike riding driver

Hit the car on purpose"Wonderland"In Russia where there are, a very ordinary bus driver sometimes fights routinely with rules violating vehicles. In such Russia, a mysterious girl biker who revenge too violently against a driver to litter appears.

Неуловимая девчонка на мотоцикле против мусора // Elusive girl on a motorcycle against debris - YouTube

The picture is taken by a girl biker who seems to have GoPro in her head. Peaceful cityscape and thoughts ......

The driver of the car in front of you toss the trash out of the window.

The garbage falls to the ground.

Then the girl biker started the bike.

I will approach next to the car. Do you pay attention to the driver?

Grasp the ashtray which was next to the trash can ... ...

A buster

Driver who panicked with the scattered cigarette ash.

Leaving the ashtray driver, the girl went along the road with Switzerland.

Subsequently, pay attention to silver cars.

It is hard to see, but I am putting out my hand from the window.

Just litter the garbage as it is.

A girl biker picks up a dumped plastic bottle.

A girl biker who has already left and follows the car.

I caught up with the silver car that was stopped by the signal.

Bring the motorcycle close to the passenger seat and start something.

The driver opens the door of the front passenger seat and resists as much as "just stop!" ... ...

Put the littered PET bottle on the mirror.

I went through the gap of the car as it was and went to Switzerland.

Garbage is a garbage can ... ...., a girl biker to run with chitin.

Then, I found a driver to litter again.

I pick up garbage and get closer to the car as usual.

Talk to the driver and revenge as usual ...? I thought that the situation was surprising to the effect that "You would not have predicted a girl biker so far".

In addition, this movie seems to be an actual picture taken by a girl who performs self-police, but the car coming out of the movie is a Russian dramaFizrukIt seems that it looks the same as a driver, because the driver sees as one of the performers "In drama advertisement?There is also an opinion saying.

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