Many people like Superman come to the people driving the car Various movies


I have never met Superman while driving a car yet, but it seems that many people have encountered Superman in the world, movies are up on YouTube.


A car window that seems not to be seen especially.

There is a danish superman appearing there.

"Open the window"

I asked for directions as to what I was going on.

If you tell me that you are lucky I flew away "Thank you!"

Superman Jednak istnieje - YouTube

Superman appeared with BGM.

This Superman is not lost but just greeted and went away.

Superman en Rubí, si ... existe - YouTube

A slightly different movie, starting from the place where two men are speaking in the car.

The driver is a little excited.

When the man in the back seat suddenly blews the front of the clothes, there is a superman suit.

The next moment the men disappear. What on earth were they ...?

After thinking it was flying outside the car.


I flew away somewhere.

Car Superman - YouTube

The last Superman responded to the solitary saying "I am thirsty" and put in a cola. Thank you, Superman.

You can understand how you shoot any movie, but please do not do it manually because it is dangerous.

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