Accumulated number of Twitter accounts totaled over 500 million, 625 people are newly registering every minute


no longerTwitterAlthough people who are also entertainers are not uncommon, the number of registered accounts finally exceeded 500 million cumulatively.


Countdown to 500 million registered Twitter accounts

I am analyzing Twitter usersTwopcharts.comAccording to the data, Twitter has cumulatively registered the number of registered accounts exceeded 500 million on February 23, 2012 past 4:00 AM.

Here is the graph showing the passage of 24 hours, there are about 900,000 new registrations in about 24 hours.

Numbers vary with time, and there are over 45,000 cases if it is a lot of time.

Over 30,000 cases in less time. Since the lowest value of the graph is originally 30,000 instead of 0, it is quite a few even if it is said to be small. Averaging 24 hours, 625 per minute, 10 new accounts are created every 1 second will be calculated.

This is a graph showing the trajectory until Twitter reaches 400 million accounts. The bar graph is the number of accounts registered for one month, the number on the left scale multiplied by one million. A line chart is the number of registered accounts per day for the month, using the scale on the right.

Looking at this, in March 2007 there was the first excitement, and although it settles for a while from that, we will see a break in March 2009 and you will see that it has been through this trend. In the graph until September 2011, since the number of registrants per day is a maximum of 700,000 or less, it is now increasing momentum than that. As this trend grows, it is estimated that it will reach 600 million accounts after 105 days (around June 8, 2012).

There is an impression that Twitter is spreading as smartphones become popular, but how far is this breakdown of bamboo going on? Whether Web services that are comparable to Twitter come up or not, I can not imagine why something new or something else will eject Twitter ... ....

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