Blessed with abundant underground water, Ogaki City in Gifu Prefecture is also known as the 'City of Water', and during the hot summer months, you can enjoy the Japanese sweets ' Mizumanju ' submerged in water tanks around Ogaki City. Since I had the opportunity to actually go to Ogaki City, I tried eating 'water ice cream' which covered the water steamed bun with pure white ice following the water steamed bun of

Kinchoen Sohonke .

[Official website] Mochiso, a long-established Japanese confectionery shop in Ogaki City | Mizumangori / Monaka and Sable

'Mizumangori' can be eaten at the Japanese confectionery shop 'Mochiso' located south of JR Ogaki Station.

Arrive at Mochiso after walking about 10 minutes from the south exit of Ogaki Station.

There are stalls selling mizumanju and mitarashi dango in front of the store.

There was also a signboard that appealed to the target 'water ice cream'.

The menu that was listed in the store is below. This time I ordered 500 yen including tax 'water steamed bun' and 750 yen including tax 'water steamed ice'.

'Mizuman ice' was provided in about 5 minutes from the order. White shaved ice is served in a wooden tub.

The white shaved ice is covered with clear syrup, giving it a sweet finish.

As I ate the shaved ice, the water manju appeared.

Water steamed buns are cold to the inside with shaved ice. The transparent fabric is softer than Kinchoen Sohonke's water manju, and the first bite has a punipuni texture and disappears quickly after chewing a few times.

'Mizumanju' was also provided in a wooden tub as well as 'Mizuman ice'. There is ice water in the tub, and it is recommended that you wait a few minutes after serving and let it cool before eating.

After waiting for a few minutes, I was able to enjoy the sweet mizu manju in a chilly state. Of course, 'mizumangori' is more pronounced in terms of coldness, so you can choose the sweets you order according to the weather, such as 'mizumangori' on a hot day and 'mizumanju' on a not-so-hot day. looks fun too.

Mochiso's 'Mizumangori' and 'Mizumanju' are both available for a limited time from early April to early September.

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