A light battery charger capable of charging ten and several times if a smartphone has one fuel cell cartridge and a mobile charger "Nectar" with a large capacity of 55,000 mWh

When the number of appliances for mobile applications such as smart phones, notebook PCs, tablets, e-book readers and so on increases, you have to pay attention to the remaining battery power. A company called Lilliputian Systems created a mobile charger "Nectar" with a USB connection that no longer worried about it. One fuel cartridge called Nectar Pod has realized a large capacity of 55,000 mWh, and if it is a smartphone it can be recharged more than ten times, and if you replace the cartridge it is OK item.

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The body shape looks like this

Nectar Pod is a cylindrical part.

There is a USB terminal on the side, you can connect with the terminal with USB 2.0. The output is 5 V and the weight is 7 ounces (about 200 g).

He said he was approved as carry-on baggage.

This product was actually exhibited in the pre-exhibition "CES Unveiled" held prior to CES 2013, and pre-orders have also begun on the internet at once. Pre-ordering is accepted only in Bookstone-Shop, and the deadline for pre-ordering is until 12th January 2013 local time. The shipment will be around the summer.

Nectar ™ Mobile Power System at Brookstone-Shop Now!

Nectar Pod ™ Power Cartridge - Set of 2 at Brookstone - Shop Now!

The price is $ 299.99 (about 26,000 yen), and the set of two cartridges is $ 19.99 (about 1800 yen).

If the cartridge is reusable with this, it is enough if you have 2 or 3 cartridges and cartridges,butaneIt seems that you have to use more cartridges as it is exhausted due to the cartridge fueled. The biggest feature is that its weight is extremely light compared to its large capacity and its size is also small, so even if it is a little in terms of grams, it means that we want to lighter belongings in a certain meaning. Products intended for attackers It may be a reasonable category if we consider it to be.

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