Zune is slightly larger and thicker than iPod

Recently officiallypriceWhenspecAlthough it was announced Zune, I actually compared the size with the iPod. The portable music player tends to be easy to carry, but how much is actually different?

Details are as follows.Zune and iPod Photo Comparison

In this article, I make a model of the actual size of Zune and compared it with the 80GB type of the iPod's newest model, but surely the Zune is one size larger.

Zune is slightly thicker than the thickness

Instead, the liquid crystal is large. It seems that Zune is 3 inches and iPod is 2.5 inches. In this way you can see that it is a bit different.

As for weight, it is said that Zune is lighter than iPod.

However, although it is an 80 GB type iPod used for this comparison, in the case of the 30 GB type with the same capacity as the Zune, it is 3 mm thinner than the 80 GB type. The weight will also be 136 g from 157 g. Zune will not be heavy, will not it become quite thick?

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