Is the details of Microsoft's "Zune" next model, "Zune 2.0" leaked?

It is "Zune" which Microsoft is selling in the US as an mp3 player for iPod, but the details of its next model "Zune 2.0" seems to have been leaked. According to the leaked information, Zune 2.0 has been developed in addition to the conventional HDD loading model, with flash memory, it will be released within the year.

By the way, although "Zune" which is on sale now is based on Toshiba's gigabeat, Zune 2.0 is said to be different. Does it mean that there is a possibility of releasing in Japan even if it does not compete with gigabeat?

Details are as follows.
Zune 2.0 and Flash Zune Details Leaked

According to this article, the information leaked this time is from a person who was developing Zune, "Zune 2.0" includes not only models equipped with the same HDD as "Zune" which is now on sale, A model equipped with flash memory will appear.

Both of them support movie playback, the Wi-Fi communication function is attached to models equipped with flash memory, the specification that the screen occupies 75% of the front of the main unit, the main unit size is 3 inch (7.62 cm ), 1 inch (2.54 cm) in length and 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) in thickness. By the way, we assume that the HDD mounted model will be thinner than the current model, the capacity will also increase from the current 30 GB, and we are planning to produce 2.4 million HDD-equipped models in China for the release within the year .

The other dayI compared the achievements that Apple sold 100 million iPods with Walkman etc.When we mentioned that Zune predicts that it is expected to sell 1 million units by the end of June 2007, can we sell 2.4 million units?

Perhaps, it may be that there is something to win.

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