Various high-resolution photographs of the newly released "iPod touch" and the new iPod family

Previous bulletin articleAs I already mentioned in the order of price, iPod family lineup will be as follows.

9800 yen: iPod shuffle 1GB
17,800 yen: iPod nano 4GB
23,800 yen: iPod nano 8GB
¥ 29,800: iPod classic 80GB
36,800 yen: iPod touch 8GB
42,800 yen: iPod classic 160 GB
48,800 yen: iPod touch 16GB

So let's take a look at the details of the high resolution photos and specifications of each new iPod.
First of allIPod touchFrom. Specification is height 110 mm × width 61.8 mm × depth 8 mm, weight 120 g. 8GB or 16GB flash drive installed. 3.5 inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. The battery can be up to 22 hours.

I actually tried ordering from the Apple store, but the expected shipping date is September 28 and the expected delivery date is October 2.

Also, on the following pages already on iPhone 's real machine haste photo review has been done. It's so thin ... ....

IPod touch first hands-on

Apple: First Hands On the New iPod Touch (Plus Gallery) - Gizmodo

nextIPod shuffleAll colors. Specifications are 27.3 mm in height × 41.2 mm in width × 10.5 mm in depth, 15 g in weight. 1GB flash drive installed. The battery can last up to 12 hours.

nextIPod nano. The specification is 69.8 mm in height × 52.3 mm in width × 6.5 mm in depth, 49.2 g in weight. 4GB or 8GB flash drive installed. It is a 2 inch (diagonal) liquid crystal display and the resolution is 320 × 240 pixels. Up to 24 hours battery.

Photo reviews are being conducted on the following pages.

Apple: iPod Nano Hands On - Gizmodo

So this isIPod classic. Specification is 80 GB model height 103.5 mm × width 61.8 mm × depth 10.5 mm, weight 140 g. The 160 GB model is 103.5 mm in height × 61.8 mm in width × 13.5 mm in depth, weighing 162 g. 80GB or 160GB hard disk drive installed. 2.5 inch (diagonal) liquid crystal display, the resolution is 320 × 240 pixels. The battery can be up to 30 hours.

Only iPod touch is under accepting reservation, all others are on sale from today. It is quite a lost lineup ...

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