Portable HDD "InSight Portable Hard Drive" that allows you to check the remaining capacity without connecting to a PC

In general, external portable HDD of USB type can not check the remaining capacity unless it is connected to a PC or the like, it does not notice that the remaining amount is not so much, it takes out to the outside and it is almost useless You can. There seems to be a portable HDD that displays the remaining capacity on the main body to prevent such a problem.

Details are from the following.
500GB InSight USB Portable Hard Drive with Display

This is a portable HDD "InSight Portable Hard Drive" that keeps displaying the remaining capacity all the time

Even without connecting to a computer etc., the remaining amount is displayed on the 30 x 128 pixel display on the main unit.

The size is 153 x 87 x 16 (mm) and the weight is less than 164 g. The maximum transfer rate is 480 MB / s, and it is said that it has a rotation speed of 5400 rpm and 8 MB cache to optimize performance. The price is 500 gigabytes, it is 149 dollars 99 cents (about 14 thousand yen), and 350 gold is 119 dollars 99 cents (about 11 thousand yen). It is sold only abroad at the moment, but it may be released in Japan shortly.

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