I have eaten a rabbit "duck udon" featuring a warm duck that plenty of duck meat and meat seeps out

The menu where the warm taste and duck 's umami harmonize is Naka' s "duck udon" (average, 490 yen including tax). As well as duck meat, but also a frosting, it also seems that the flavor is good as he also hears the smell of yuzu, so I decided to actually go eat.

Duck udon

Arrived at the shop. Whether it was saving electricity, the signboard part was not lighted.

It is here that ordered immediately and it is carried.

The fat duck meat is ramen as much as the chashuued noodle in ramen, it is relatively expensive.

First of all, a bite of soup. It's getting cold, so a warm dash stains my body. The taste is slightly dry and salty.

The duck's fat is oozing out, the flavor is quite nice.

Duck is greasy, but it has no smell and is easy to eat. Although it is chewy but not rigid, it is good to enjoy the elasticity of the meat.

Udon has a toughness and texture. Depending on taste, I feel that it may be a bit thicker so that the dashi of the dashi will be better.

Not only duck but also jam is included, and it is nice to enjoy the variation of taste. Although the glue itself feels a bit uncanny, but the dash of the dark eye often stains and this may be good with this. The flavor increases further if you make the scent of yuzu.

So that was a feast. There are times when you may want to eat warm foods that have been slightly raining on a cold day, but it seems to be good as an option when saying "It feels heavy when it is ramen and what should I do". Although it is thick, there is also a scent of yuzu, it is a refreshing mouthfeel. Lastly, if you drink a hot tea, it is refreshing in the mouth.

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