I tried eating it with Marugame noodles with "Gyuguri type" meat prime udon with beef bowl-like seasoning

Udon is cold in the summer and winter in winter even though it is a dish that can be eaten but Marugame noodles have been selling stewed beef and onion with seasoned beef bowls on the udon from August 1st (Friday), a stamina menu for summer "Udon udon noodlesWe released the. Marugame noodle It was the first recommended nationwide television commercial for us to sell products, so I went to the store at once

Sanuki udon specialty store "Marugame noodle" summer stamina New menu "Meat Utadoru" Limited release from August 1 (Fri)!

Arrived at Marugame noodle.

Takeshi TakeiAppeal the new item with pop using. I will enter the shop.

A pop of udon noodles was placed in the shop.

The store clerk was just making noodle in the store.

The wheat we are using is Nisshin Flour's "Kitano Sui".

I ordered udon noodles (590 yen in average). Since the hot day continues, I tried picking "bukkake" of cold juice.

There was a meat udon noodle on the counter, a sweet and nice scent was drifting.

After finishing treasurers, I will go to the table after taking medicine.

The meat udon is one of the features that udon and meat come out separately.

Udon noodle made at the shop, used souvenir shops. This time it is a cold bukkake, juice is slightly less so the color of juice seems slightly dark.

The stewed beef contains a mixture of lean and lean, and it looks exactly beef itself in beef bowl. He seems to be using Canadian beef.

After all it's fatty if you look good. There is also an onion with outstanding compatibility with beef.

Place the beef on udon to eat in the same condition as the menu picture.

I put on a spicy green onions as well and completed for the moment.

When I looked at the soup, the fat of boiled beef was floating up a little.

First I tried eating beef, but the quality of soy sauce and sugar taste moderately beef stuffed with beef at beef bowl shop. It seems that compatibility looks good even if you eat it with rice, because the place where the taste is soaked in the fat is like beef bowl.

When trying to eat with udon, the fat of beef is solidified a bit because it is chilly, but the fish and soup juice and the deliciousness of beef fuse together in an exquisite balance and good. It is a combination of seafood and pork bone combined in ramen soup, but there are few menus for matching beef and seafood soup, so it was a fresh impression. The noodles are coldly tightened, have elasticity, can eat more and more with the slurry.

As we made beef stew in the shop, the texture of the onion neatly remained, and there was no such thing as sucking too much juice.

When eating, put heavenly feces and ginger.

When ginger and heavy dross go in, pungent taste and rich taste are added and the taste is different. Ginger is good for both udon and beef, so I recommend you to put it unless you do not dislike it.

It was a cold bukkake, so when I go on eating it got a little hardened on the surface. If you ask with a warm udon, it will not be such a thing, but it seems that recommendation of Marugame noodles is a cold bukkake.

In addition, the udon noodles of Marugame noodles will be sold until September 23 (Tuesday). The price of 590 yen including tax is not cheap price with Marugame noodle, but it is recommended because it is high quality.

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