An app "Recce" that looks like Apple has realized a stereoscopic map I really wanted to make

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizedA map application for San Francisco that realizes a 3D map that the map of iPhone 5 aiming is doing is "Recce"is. It is possible to start with iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

For movies, installation, how to operate, from the following.

Hello San Francisco - Recce Blog

The movie actually manipulating "Recce" is from the following.

I tried "Recce" - YouTube

◆ Installation
Tap "App Store"

Enter "recce" and tap "recce - san francisco".

Tap "Install App".

Installation took about 15 minutes.

Tap "Open"

During startup

Tap "OK"

Operation method
Tap the screen to close the explanation screen

A map of San Francisco is displayed.

When enlarging the map. The street name is displayed.

When the map is scaled down to the maximum.

Things that are on the map are three-dimensional in this way.

Golden Gate BridgeAlso this street. There is even a shadow.

You can also make the map close to a flat surface, in that case tap the bottom icon.

The three-dimensional building was petrified.

A car is on the road of the map, a ship is in the sea, and an airplane is moving around the sky.

You can see that when you expand the ship you are making fine.

Tap the icon in the upper right to search for places and shops

Landmark · cafe · hotel · art museum etc., various searching is possible.

Try and select AT & T Park ......

Move on the mapAT & T ParkIs displayed on the screen.

Tap "Hotels" if you want to find a hotel.

The hotel on the map will be displayed with a blue icon.

Japanese restaurant search is also possible.

Tap the part displayed above the icon ... ...

Details such as location, overview, etc. are displayed, and it is possible to pin and pinch it using Twitter.

You can also display the site by tapping the URL.

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