Google launches 'Google Maps Navigation', a navigation application for smartphones that fully utilizes Street View and search functions

Navigation services using the GPS function of mobile phones are widely used in Japan as well as "EZ Navi Walk" which au started in 2003, but Google can use smartphones as a full-fledged car navigation system "Google Maps NavigationWe started offering.

Applications combined with Google Maps Street View and satellite photos for iPhone are already provided, but even if you do not know the address, you can also use Google search to check your address, voice input and voice guidance, traffic jam Information and so on are also supported, and it is very convenient to be able to obtain the overwhelming amount of information which made a line with the past navigation.

The commentary and details by the movie are from the following.
Official Google Mobile Blog: Announcing Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0

According to Google's official blog,Motorola's "Droid" announced todayIt is said that we will begin offering beta version of "Google Maps Navigation" free of charge as an application for smartphones adopting "Android 2.0" which is the latest version of Google's mobile phone OS "Android"

"Google Maps Navigation" is an application that navigates in conjunction with the GPS installed in the smartphone, and it is possible to use the satellite picture of "Google Maps", the street view, the latest road data, even if the address is not known It is possible to investigate the address by simply entering a name etc.

In addition, by obtaining traffic jam information from the Internet in real time, it is also compatible with building alternative routes and searching for facilities along routes, and also supports voice search and voice guidance.

In addition, a movie actually using "Google Maps Navigation" is uploaded to the following link.

Where we use it side by side like car navigation system
YouTube - Google Maps Navigation (Beta): car dock mode

Navigation screen

Navigation using satellite photos is also possible

Next, a movie that searches facilities along the route
YouTube - Google Maps Navigation (Beta): search along route

You can search hamburger shops and parking lots

Finally, search for congestion information
YouTube - Google Maps Navigation (Beta): traffic view

In this way we can check traffic jam information. The red part is a crowded part

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