The nationwide largest free public wireless LAN "au Wi-Fi SPOT" is finally started

At KDDI 's Summer 2011 release schedule, public wireless LAN service free of usage fee that can be automatically switched to 3G "Au Wi-Fi SPOTWe announced, but the service will be started at last.

Although it is quite awesome service to pursue each company that is going ahead and develop one hundred thousand places in Japan at one stroke, it is quite awesome service, but it seems to be expected to prevent the 3G line from getting crowded due to the popularization of smartphones and slowing down the speed.

About launching the service of public wireless LAN service "au Wi-Fi SPOT" | 2011 | KDDI CORPORATION

According to the press release of KDDI, the company will begin offering the public wireless LAN service "au Wi - Fi SPOT" which allows easy and comfortable Internet communication with au smartphone on the go 30th, 2011 etc etc.

"Au Wi-Fi SPOT" is a service that you can use for free if you subscribe to the packet communication flat rate service "IS flat" or "Plan F (IS) Simple / Plan F (IS)" from the same day By using the dedicated application "au Wi - Fi connection tool" which is started to be provided, troublesome setting such as ID and password input is unnecessary.

In addition, it automatically switches between Wi-Fi and 3G according to the strength of radio waves, and it is said that anyone can use comfortable Internet communication easily.

Also, "au Wi-Fi connection tool" is standardly installed on au smartphones that the company will release on or after June 2011, and also said that it can be downloaded from "au one Market" and "Android Market", and KDDI In cooperation with subsidiary Wire & Wireless, we plan to build a network utilizing WiMAX etc. provided by UQ Communications.

About launching the service of public wireless LAN service "au Wi-Fi SPOT" | 2011 | KDDI CORPORATION

The area available at the time of service start is as follows. It covers stations, airports, buses, underground shopping centers, commercial facilities, universities, au shops, etc. It is scheduled to be available at about 100,000 locations nationwide at the end of March 2012.

"Au Wi-Fi connection tool" can search for available spots of "au Wi-Fi SPOT". You can easily search for the nearest spot from each category, such as keywords such as where you are and the station name, and the results are displayed on the map.

The "au Wi-Fi SPOT" official page is below.

Au Wi-Fi SPOT | au by KDDI

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