This is the base station of the free public wireless LAN "au Wi - Fi SPOT", use of the WiMAX line also

Free public wireless LAN service that enables smooth communication with 3G with automatic switching in June this year "Au Wi-Fi SPOTKDDI started ". We are planning to establish a spot at 100,000 locations by the end of 2011 in collaboration with the public wireless LAN service company "Wire & Wireless" which became a subsidiary,CEATEC JAPAN 2011"It was on display at the KDDI booth.

"Au Wi-Fi SPOT" exhibition corner of KDDI booth

It plans to expand to 100,000 spots, which is the largest in Japan by the end of fiscal 2011. Unlike other companies that precede with other companies that use the same service, you can connect to "au Wi - Fi SPOT" without entering ID and password, if you use the special application "au Wi - Fi connection tool", you can also switch automatically with 3G ...... is the strength of the service.

And this is the base station of "au Wi - Fi SPOT". This is an indoor type model.

The side is like this. I see something behind ... ...

A mobile router that is compatible with "UQ WiMAX", a subsidiary of KDDI, a mobile WiMAX service of up to 40 Mbps downlink and up to 10 Mbps uplink provided by UQ CommunicationsAterm WM 3400 RN"Was connected to it. According to the explanatory staff, the backbone line will be different depending on the installation location.

In recent years with the spread of smartphones there is concern that the traffic of 3G lines will increase, but by offering high-speed communication that can be switched automatically, it not only improves the user's convenience but also supports WiMAX like the iPhone 4S "Au Wi-Fi SPOT" is a service that has a very significant meaning, which is advantageous for both users and carriers, because smartphones can distribute traffic to non-3G lines such as WiMAX and fixed lines I understand that.

Au Wi-Fi SPOT | au by KDDI

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