"Firefox 16" official release, games that need mass data processing smoothly


Official version"Firefox 16", It was sent off at Firefox 15Incremental GCImplementation of mouse clicks and keystrokes to respond quickly, there was a change that will smooth web application games and animations that will continue to process large amounts of data. For developers, it has a button that can easily access developer tools and a command line type developer toolbar.

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Firefox 16.0 Release Notes

The contents are as stated below.

○ New functions
- Limited support of VoiceOver is enabled by default on Mac OS X.
· An initial implementation of web application support was introduced.
· We corresponded to Achori and Kazakh.

○ Change
· Improved responsiveness of JavaScript by introducing incremental garbage collection.

○ Developer
· We have a developer toolbar with buttons that allow easy access to developer tools and a new command line interface.
· In Firefox 16, the vendor prefix of CSS 3 Animations, Transitions, Transforms and Gradients is out.
· The "Open Recently Opened File" menu has been added to the scratchpad.

○ Correction
- The problem that the debugger does not stop at the specified breakpoint when reloading the page has been corrected. (Bug 783393)
MD5 is no longer supported for digital signature hash algorithm. (Bug 650355)
· Opus voice codec is enabled by default. (Bug 772341)
· Supported reverse animation with CSS 3 Animations. (Bug 655920)
· About: memory allows you to check the memory usage per tab. (Bug 687724)
- Firefox before release now only includes major version in user agent string. (Bug 728831)

◆ Update immediately
If it updates immediately, click "About Firefox" from "Help" in the menu bar, although it will be updated automatically.

The required download will start automatically, so click "Restart and complete update" when done.

The update is completed.

In addition, as a new function of mobile version Firefox, it has a function to make the page body easier to read, and tap the book icon displayed next to the URL as follows.

Then it will switch to reader mode.

In addition, the following sharing menu has been added to send tabs to other desktop mobile via "Firefox Sync" as follows. The following screen is for Beta version.

The release schedule of "Firefox 17" is November 20th.

2012/10/12 10:15 postscript

Security vulnerability in Firefox 16 | Mozilla Japan blog

The official version of Firefox 16 released on October 10 had a potential vulnerability to determine the URL and URL parameters of the site you visited and was temporarily removed from the download page, A security update has been released at 4 am on October 12th. When you update, the version will be 16.0.1 (size is about 20 MB).

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