"Firefox 44" official release, to be able to receive push notifications from website

ByJohnathan Nightingale

From Tuesday, January 26, 2016 in Japan time "Firefox 44The official Japanese version of "Can be downloaded. With the latest version of Firefox 44, you can receive push notifications from websites, and you can now receive notifications from sites that are not displayed on tabs. Tab group isDiscontinued in Firefox 45The option to allow unsigned add-ons is to be doneDiscontinued in Firefox 46It is going to be.

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◆ Desktop version download
Firefox is automatically updated sequentially by the automatic update function, but if you want to use the latest version now, you can download it from the following.

· Windows version

· Mac OS X version

· Linux version

◆ Major new features added · Desktop version

· Receive push notifications from website
Firefox 44 now accepts push notifications from websites. Also, since it is possible to receive notifications from sites not displayed on tabs, sites like SNS and net shops seem to be particularly useful.

Settings related to notifications can be done from "Tools" → "Options" → "Content" → "Notification".

- Warning screen displayed when certificate error and connection safety can not be confirmed is improved
The warning screen displayed in the URL bar was improved when an error occurred in the certificate or when the safety of the connection could not be confirmed. The warning image on the left is Firefox 43 and the warning image on the right is Firefox 44.

◆ Changes in Firefox 44 Desktop Edition

○ New function
- The warning screen displayed when an error occurs in the certificate or when the safety of the connection can not be confirmed has been improved
· If Decoder is installed, H.264 is now available on Linux
· If MP4 / H.264 is not available, WebM / VP9 will be enabled
· Animations that work with composite threads are now displayed with an inazuma icon on the timeline of the animation inspector
· Brotli compression is now available for content encoding in HTTPS
· You can now select the pixel ratio with the screenshot command of the development tool

○ Correction
- In Windows XP and Vista, the problem that the screen saver can not be disabled when playing back movies has been fixed (Bug 1193610)
·Several security issuesFixed.

○ Change
- Font matching code on Linux has been shared with other platforms to support the Unicode range of Web fonts
· In order to comply with new requirements, we now use certificates signed with SHA-256 on Windows version
· RC4 decoder is no longer supported
· When verifying the site certificate, you can trust the 1024-bit root certificate of Equifax Secure Certificate Authority and UTN - DATACorp SGCCertificateIt is no longer and
· Web font verification is now performed more strictly
· Screen keyboard is no longer available on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This is a temporary measure.

○ Developer
· By right clicking on the object output to the log, it can be referred to as a global variable in the page
· A tool for animation has been added:
- You can now view and edit keyframes of CSS animation in the Inspector
- Cubic Bézier function which determines motion of animation can now be edited visually
-CSS animation and transitions,Play and pause, seekIt is now possible to do
-For more informationhttp://devtoolschallenger.com/Please refer to the
· A tool to visually investigate the layout and style was implemented:
- It is now possible to display the ruler on the viewport. Measurement tools have been added to make discovery easier for space and alignment problems
- CSS filters such as drop shadow and sepia can now be created and previewed in real time
-For more informationhttp://devtoolschallenger.com/Please refer to the
- A new memory tool that can investigate heap usage status has been implemented
·Service Workers APIIs now available
· JSON reader is built in and you can browse, search, copy, and save data without expansion
· When clicking while pressing the Cmd key in the debugger,Definition of that functionJump to now
·WebSocket Debugging APIHas been made available. I used thisExamples of add-onsHas also been released
· Rules edited in rule view are now displayed in the style editor as well. The edited rule now appears in the rule view

◆ Changes in Firefox 44 Android version

○ New function
- Android print service is now used to cope with cloud printing
· Confirmation is done when opening intent URI in private browsing tab
· Search history is now displayed in Suggest
· Web-based on page of Firefox account is now used
· Mms: Launch URI using protocol is supported
· It is now possible to set things other than frequently used sites on the homepage displayed at startup

○ Change
· RC4 decoder is no longer supported
· When verifying the site certificate, you can trust the 1024-bit root certificate of Equifax Secure Certificate Authority and UTN - DATACorp SGCCertificateIt is no longer and
· In smartphone versionTab trayImproved

The next version of Firefox 45 will be released on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

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