"Firefox 32" official release, new features and changes to a rich update

ByFrancesco Lodolo

From Tuesday, September 2, 2014, "Firefox 32The official Japanese version of "Can be downloaded". In Firefox 32, the number of search results is displayed when searching in the page, and many other new functions and changes are reflected.

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Firefox 32 Beta Release Notes

Firefox for Android browser? Android version appears in that popular browser

Firefox 32 Beta Release Notes for Android

◆ Desktop version download
It is automatically upgraded by automatic update function, but if you want to download Firefox 32 now, it is possible from the following.

· Windows version

· Mac OS X version

· Linux version

◆ Display number of search results
Firefox 32 now displays up to the number of search results when newly searching within a page.

In the case of the version prior to Firefox 32, when using the in-page search function, it was a display that does not know how many searches are being caught with such feeling.

In the new Firefox 32, the number of search results is now displayed.

◆ Display metadata of saved passwords
If you use the password saving function of the browser, information such as website URL and user name is saved. This information can be viewed from "Tools" → "Options" → "Saved Password" in the browser.

For Firefox 32 or earlier version "Site" and "User name" are displayed on this screen.

In Firefox 32, "last used date" and "change date" are newly displayed.

◆ Changes in Firefox 32

○ New functions
· The new HTTP cache (v2) is enabled as standard. (Click here for details)
· Generation GC has been integrated.
· Public key pinning is enabled. (Click here for details)
· Password Manager now allows you to view meta data about login.
· The number of search results is now displayed on the search toolbar.
· Code supplement function and inline document display function are added to the scratch pad. (Click here for details)
· You can now connect to HTTP proxy using HTTPS.

○ Change
· Password manager and add-on manager performance has been improved.
·Several 1024 bit root certificatesHas been deleted and invalidated.

· The Vibration API has been updated according to the latest specifications of W3C.
• CSS: -moz-background-inline-policy has been replaced by box-decoration-break. (Click here for details)
· An array method of ECMAScript 6, Array # copyWithin, has been implemented.
· CSS:Position: stickyIs now available as standard.
DrawFocusIfNeeded is now enabled by default.
· Mix - blend - mode is enabled as standard.
· Array.from () has been implemented. (Click here for details)
· The navigator.languages ​​attribute and the languagechange event have been implemented. (Click here for details)

○ Developer
· The user interface of the development tool supported HiDPI.
· Development tool: The button of the inspector has moved to the upper left.
· Development tool: Web Audio editor is now available. (Click here for details)
· Development tool: In markup view, hidden nodes are now displayed in a different style than they are not.

○ Correction
· Mac OS X: Fixed a problem that a new window can not be opened even if Cmd - L is pressed when there is no window.
- A bug related to the rendering of text which occurred in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 applying KB 2670838 which is required in MSIE 10 was corrected.

◆ Known Issues

○ Unresolved
· In an environment where HWA is turned off, repeating the background image may cause the layout of the text to collapse. (Bug 1011166)

The next version of Firefox 33 will be released on Tuesday, October 14, 2014.

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