"Firefox 31" official version appears, search bar appears in new tab


From July 22, 2014 (Tuesday), the official Japanese version of "Firefox 31" can be downloaded. In Firefox 31, when opening a new tab, a search box is displayed on the screen, you can start searching immediately from there, or the default program is set in ogg file and pdf file on your Windows PC If not, Firefox will play and display the file.

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Firefox 31 Release Notes

Firefox for Android browser? Android version appears in that popular browser

Firefox 31 Release Notes for Android

◆ Desktop version download
Automatically upgraded by automatic update function, but if you want to download Firefox 31 now it is possible from the following.

· Windows version

· Mac OS X version

· Linux version

◆ Add a search box to a new tab
The search box added to the new tab looks something like this.

◆ Displaying ogg and pdf files
Firefox will play and display the file if the default program is not set in the ogg file and pdf file on your Windows PC.

Detailed changes are as shown in the following release notes.

Changes in Firefox 31

○ New function
· Generation GC has been integrated.
· OdinMonkey: now uses a backtrack type allocator for the code written in asm.js.
· Mozilla :: pkix has become a standard certificate verifier.
· Windows: If no application is set, Firefox will play ogg file and display pdf file.
· The search tab is attached to the new tab.
·OpenType MATH tableA part of has been implemented. Detail isMathematical fonts,andMathML Torture testPlease see the document on.

· WebVTT has been implemented and can be used. (Click here for details)

○ Developer
· CSS variables are implemented.
- Navigator.sendBeacon is now available as a standard.
· Array.prototype.fill () is now available. (Click here for details)
· Object.setPrototypeOf () is now available.
· CSP 1.1 nonce-source and hash-source are now available as standard.
The dialog generated by the onbeforeunload event no longer blocks access to other parts of the browser.

○ Correction
· Fixed a bug related to search from context menus using partially selected link text. (Bug 985824)

◆ Known Issues

○ Unresolved
· Mac OS X: If you do not have a window, pressing Cmd - L will not open a new window. (Bug 1008793)
· Extended Validation certificate may not be displayed at session restoration. This problem does not affect security. (Bug 995801)
· Since Firefox's termination is slow, "Firefox is running but it does not respond" may be displayed. (Bug 966469andBug 985655)

The next version of Firefox 32 will be released on September 2, 2014 (Tuesday).

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