"Firefox 25" official Japanese version is released, history and settings can be read from other browsers


The official Japanese version of "Firefox 25" is now available for download on Tuesday, October 29. In-page search function improved, it became possible to import data such as history and settings from another browser if it did not start for a long time, and the function changed so as to retain session information even after reset It is being done.

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Firefox 25.0 Release Notes

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Firefox 25.0 Release Notes for Android

◆ Desktop version download
Automatically upgraded by automatic update function, but if you want to download Firefox 25 now it is possible from the following.

· Windows version

· Mac OS X version

· Linux version

◆ Search function in page improved

Firefox 25 has been improved so that the in-page search function shared among the tabs until the previous version can be searched independently for each tab. For example, with the tab on the left end searched for "gigazine" in the page ... ...

In the new tab the search bar in the page is blank. Until then, even when opening a new tab, the search bar displayed in a separate tab remained, but in Firefox 25, even when opening a new tab, the specification bar has been changed to not display the search bar used on other tabs .

Detailed changes are shown in the following release notes.

Changes in Firefox 25

○ New functions
· Search bar is no longer shared between tabs.

○ Change
· When more than one month has passed since the last time you started, you are now asked if you want to load history or settings from other browsers.
· Session information is retained even after reset.

○ Developer
· CSS3's background-attachment: local has been implemented.
· A lot of ECMAScript 6 functions were implemented.

· Processing for srcdoc attribute of iframe is implemented and can be embedded in inline frame.

○ Correction
- Fixed a bug that the thumbnail of the page is not displayed or blank when new tab is opened.

◆ Known Issues

○ Unresolved
· Crash when trying to start Firefox with a locked profile. (Bug 573369)

The next version of "Firefox 26" will be released in December 2013.

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