"Firefox 28" official version appears, browser can be operated with game pad


The official Japanese version of "Firefox 28" can be downloaded from Tuesday, March 18, 2014. In Firefox 28, the GamePad API is newly available and you can also operate the browser with the game pad.

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Firefox 28.0 Release Notes

Android browser Firefox Android version appeared in that popular browser

Firefox for Android version 28 Beta Release Notes

◆ Desktop version download
Automatic update function will upgrade them automatically, but if you want to download Firefox 28 now, it is possible from the following.

· Windows version

· Mac OS X version

· Linux version

◆ GamePad API

Since Firefox 28 is newly compatible with the GamePad API, you can use the game pad in the browser. However, since it is impossible to use the game pad in the initial state, it is necessary to change this setting.

ByTed Mielczarek

To change the settings In the Firefox 28's navigation toolbar enter "about: config" and press "Enter" key.

Warning will be issued, but click "Use with extreme caution".

Then it will be such a screen ......

Enter "game" in the search bar at the top of the screen.

Then, since the setting "dom.gamepad.enabled" comes out, clicking on this and setting "value" to "true" is OK.

Detailed changes are as shown in the following release notes.

Changes in Firefox 28

○ New functions
· You can now play videos encoded with VP9.
· Mac OS X: Notification Center now supports web notifications.
· You can now adjust the volume with the video element and audio element of HTML5.
· You can now play WebM movies using Opus.

○ Change
· Spdy / 3 has been implemented. This is because you can no longer use spdy / 2. It communicates with http / 1 with a server which does not correspond to spdy / 3.

○ Developer
· The mathvariant attribute of MathML 2.0 is now available.
· A background thread hang is now notified.
· Multi-line flexbox is now available.

○ Correction
·Several security issuesHas been fixed.

◆ Known Issues

○ Unresolved
• Echo cancellation does not work on apprtc.appsort.com. (Bug974537)
· There is a problem with plotting text on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 with KB 2670838 (update necessary for operating MSIE 10) installed.Workaround for Windows 8.1 is herePlease refer to the. (Bug 812695)

The official version of Firefox 29 will be released at the end of April 2014.

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