"Firefox 46" official version released, allowing downloading


From Wednesday, April 27, 2016, Japan time, "From time to time"Firefox 46The official Japanese version of "Can be downloaded".

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Firefox 46.0 Release Notes

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Firefox 46.0 Release Notes for Android

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◆ Desktop version download
Firefox is automatically updated sequentially by the automatic update function, but if you want to use the latest version now, you can download it from the following.

· Windows version

· Mac OS X version

· Linux version

◆ Changes in Firefox 46 Desktop Edition

○ New functions
· The JavaScript Just In Time (JIT) compilerImproved in terms of securityIt was done
· GNU / Linux: GTK 3 is integrated

○ Correction
- Fixed a bug related to the handling of blank spaces in screen reader in Google Docs
· SVG images using clips and masks now correctly render when enlarging / reducing

○ Change
·WebRTCPerformance and stability improved

○ Developer
·Memory toolNow, it displays the dominator tree now
·Performance panelNow you can check memory allocation and garbage collection
·@media rules sidebar of style editorYou can now launch Responsive Design View from

·Documents.elementsFromPointCorresponding to
·Web Crypto API is HKDFCorresponded to

◆ Changes in Firefox 46 Android version

○ New functions
·Tabs opened in the backgroundNotifications sent in will now include a list of open URLs
· Android 6.0 or later: at runtime, not at installation timeRequest permissionIt is now
· If the page is cached, you can now view the page even when you are offline
· Prevent installation of unverified add-ons now
· History and bookmark added to menu items
· Standard domain is now automatically complemented inline
· The icon of the home screen has been improved

○ Correction
· Tab history is now saved even when available memory is tight
· TalkBack's utterance function now works even while the user is swiping to the right

- By default, sites frequently seen at the top site are now displayed
·End of compatibility with Firefox Sync 1.1Did
· Android Honeycomb (version 3) correspondence ended

Please note that the next version of Firefox 47 will be available on Tuesday, June 7, 2016Release scheduleis.

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