An emoticon called ':-)' was born and on 30th anniversary on September 19

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メールやインターネット上で横向きにして使う顔文字は「;)」「:P 」「*<|:-)」などさまざまな形がありますが、2012年9月12日ですべての顔文字の元となった笑顔の顔文字「:-)」が誕生30周年を迎えたようです。


Scott Fahlman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, invented this emoticon. In the early 1980's, Scott of the Faculty of Computer Science said that he often used an electronic bulletin board called "bboards" that allows staff and students to discuss important matters of day to day. From the important matter like announcement and request for information provision, the contribution is "About who was the ring with a male toilet on the 5th floor but who is?" And about politics, about abortion, regarding the use of the parking lot of the university, about the keyboard arrangement Until a wide range of topics were dealt with.

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Many of the contents posted on the bulletin board were humorous or humorous, but on the other hand there was sarcastic opinion, it received seriously rather than jokes, writing criticisms in a long sentence, So-called"Melodies to netaPeople who came out appeared. This caused a further reaction, and the original postings were buried, which occurred many times.

The idea of ​​attaching a "joke mark" comes out in joke that things that were transferred through body languages ​​and voice tones when face-to-face or telephone conversation were conveyed by text-based online communication did not come out It was. Scott thought of the mark ": - -" when I was discussing about Mark at the same time, at the same time to use ": - (" for a serious topic, the original character of the current emoticon Two marks were born, ": - (" evolved into a mark indicating that it is "unpleasant", "irritation", "anger" after this.This decision will soon be a university around Carnegie Mellon University And spread to the lab.

Then, derived from Scott's idea, various emoticons were made to be made, but unfortunately the original posts when Scott proposed ":-)" for the first time are saved did not.

There were attempts to find posts from old backup tapes several times, but both failed. But recently Microsoft 's Mike Jones supported this work and ": -)" was able to discover the originally proposed original post. It became clear that this was September 19, 1982, when the born of ": -)" was born.


There are many accusations such as "It should be unnecessary if it is a good writer," such as "It should be unnecessary," and "There are many accusations that if you put a mark on it, the joke will be messed up", but Scott generally makes this kind of accusation positively I will. However, at the same time, Mr. Scott said that everyone who posts is not a person with writing power like Shakespeare, and in the case of novel 1% of 100,000 copies are not received as jokes Even if you hurt, the remaining 99% pleasure will not be harmed, but if 1,000 people who argue about this 1% arguing on the internet, there is a possibility of causing problems As an objection to the condemnation. Since the Internet is not a one-way media like publishing, if you can reduce the problem by using emoticons it is not so bad.

And finally, this emoticon is something that many people insist that "I invented". Scott never saw this side emoticon before I posted it and I have never seen anyone claiming "I invented" before he invented, but Scott's It is no wonder that someone thought of similar things shortly after the invention, which means that the emoticon is a very simple and easy-to-understand idea.


Scott seemed that he did not think that emoticons would be so important, "It was ten minutes in my life, I thought that this memo made some friends interesting and it ended with that I thought that. "TelegraphI am telling you.

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