Web service "Gittip" that can send chips automatically every Thursday


"Gittip" is a web service that can send small amounts of chips anonymously. In addition to being able to charge money by credit card, you can send money, you can send a tip if you make an account yourself, you can send it to someone using the tip you sent.

Gittip - Inspiring Generosity

John D. and Catherine MacArthur FoundationEvery year, 30 people are elected as "Genius Grant (Genius Prize)", and for five years, a total of 500,000 dollars (about 39 million yen) is paid per person. It seems that the selected person does not even know that they are candidates until the phone calling "You have been elected", but Gittip is, as it were, a Genius Grant of the cloud source.

The service name "Gittip" is shortened "gift tips". For example, if everyone thinks "I'd like to send a bit more chips," such as cheering a town coffee shop or a musician who offers free music, I can afford thanks to the stacked chips, It was made with the idea that the service of the shop will be better and the musicians should be able to make better music.

Gittip can register Twitter or Github accounts. The exchange of money has been made public so that you can see how much you sent and how much it was sent. However, I do not know "who sent it to who?"

This is the top 10 for sending and receiving.

Chips from Gittip are sent every Thursday and how much to send is 8 cents (about 6 yen), 16 cents (about 13 yen), 32 cents (about 25 yen), 64 cents (about 50 yen), 1 dollar 28 You can choose from cents (about 100 yen). By the way, although you can send it to more than one person, you can not send more than $ 24 (about 1880 yen) per week.

By the way, if there are chips sent to your account, you will be paid preferentially from there, and payment will be made from the card if it is exhausted. When using the card the commission costs 30 cents + 3.9%.

For example, "If you donate one dollar to 20 people with 2 dollars in your account," the calculation is as follows. The total payment is 20 dollars, the first of which is 2 dollars in the account, so what is needed is "$ 18". 30 cents will be added as a card fee, 18 dollars to 30 cents, and another fee will cost 3.9%, which will charge "19 dollars 2 cents".

The system which can deliver money directly to creators like this is quite interesting, so I want to spread it.


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