A service that can be easily donated without registering an account or exchanging contact information "Easy Kampa"

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A service that can donate money to a specific opponent on the Internet is "Easy Kampa"is. It is also possible to donate easily without registering an account and without exchanging contacts, and the point that the threshold when using it is very low is also a point. As written in the top page of the site as "It is possible to receive donation when giving things on the net and doing a service", you can also pay the service fee using an easy kampa I can do it.

Easy to receive donation without easy Kampa account registration

◆ Receive donation
To receive donation, you need to jump to the link above and register the user from "Register Now".

After entering the mail address, nickname, password on the new registration screen, click "Register".

When checking the mailbox of the mail address entered at the time of user registration, this URL should have arrived so click on the URL written in the red frame part.

This completes user registration.

So click on 'Login' at the top left of the screen.

Enter account information and click "Login".

This is the user login screen.

Even if someone makes a donation, the person who solicits donation will not be able to get money directly but it will be possible to receive funds by returning the points gained by donating to Amazon gift certificates.

When you ask for donation, it is OK if you donate from the URL (campaign screen) displayed on the user screen.

◆ Donate
Donation can be done from the campaign screen, this is the screen.

If you enter the amount you wish to donate to the amount entry field displayed on this screen and click "Execute" ...

Google WalletYou can donate with.

As the donation point points are given to users who are seeking donations, if you receive a 500 yen donation you will receive 500 points. In returning points to Amazon gift certificates it is necessary to collect at least 10,000 points, easy Kampa does not mediate transactions, it is simple, without registering accountsDonationThere is a need to hold down the point that it is as much service as possible.

Incidentally,Developer interviewAccording to the motive "Many people have written pictures on computers and songs are made on the net, but I made this service so that those people can easily monetize" doing.

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