I went to eat Okinawa's "Irubu juice" using sea snake

With Iraq is "Erabu sea snake"Okinawa's local cuisine using this sea snake is"Iraq juice". It is said that there is utility of nourishing tonic and it was once a fine court dish, so it was not quite possible for me to talk, but now there are shops offering this dish, so even for the general people can eat It is becoming. One of the shops is "Kana". Although it seems that full-fledged Iraboo juice is mostly offered at the restaurant, here is a little uneasy about Iraqi who has never eaten because it can eat full-fledged Irave soup in a homely atmosphere Although I felt it, I actually decided to go eat.

Location"Okinawa Prefecture Nakagami-gun Kita-Makijo Mura Kan Yorihara 515-5"is.

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As much as a private house has a potato shop, it is said that "Do you really have places like this?" There seems to be a shop in a deep place which passed through the narrow road, I did not know well even if I looked at the map, I called the shop staff and I was able to locate the place finally I was able to locate the place.

If you can see the sign "Ryukyu dish · Iraq cuisine kana", then you can go straight ahead and OK.

This is the shop. It seems like an ordinary private house, or the feeling of using a private house as a shop.

There is a signboard of the store, it seems that there is no mistake here.

The inside of the store looks like this.

It makes me feel like I was called to a acquaintance's house.

Such a thing, this appeared Irabo juice (3500 yen including tax, reservation required). Iruabu where black objects that have distinctive presence which is clearly different from Tebichi (pork feet), kelp, and others were cut off.

I understand the scales clearly, it is reminiscent of Iraq before it cooked somehow.

It is something you are not used to everyday, and additionally you will hesitate a bit after being a "sea snake" ... ....

He was clogged up, and he made a troublesome response with having a chopstick.

If you touch the skin with chopsticks, you can take it as shiny and it looks something like this.

Then, I will decide. The texture is like a boiled simmered stewed food, and it is soft while it has chewiness. Contrary to the appearance, unexpectedly it was a fancy place and almost no taste was felt, but rather the skipjack of the skipjack used in the soup was staining well, and it seems to eat skipjack.

According to the store clerk, since Iraqi is strong as it is, it boils down after removing the boneless water after cooking until it becomes softer for about 4 to 6 hours and boils it again by changing the water, depending on the season 1 to 2 days It seems that it will take a lot of time and effort to work as an instrument. "There are smells if you do not prepare yourself well and you can not eat it very much." In other words, it takes time and effort to get the taste without such a habit of eating this dish.

Soup has a rich flavor that bonito flavor melts well. Although it tends to pay attention to the impacted body, in reality this soup which is dissolving a lot of Irubu's ingredients more than the body is said to be more important. I do not feel any smell, etc., as the preparation is solid.

There was something uneasy about the dish which I never ate and I could not feel the taste too much, but as the store clerk explained the dishes carefully, I was able to taste thoroughly while convincing It was. In addition, this Iraqu juice has become a set meal, with Fuji Bar Juicy (cooked rice cooked with wormwood), Ukarai Ricci (boiled frying Okara), Gamemi tofu (tofu using peanut), Mozuku, followed by various Okinawa Local cuisine can be tasted.

In addition, although I use "Elabu sea snake" which I made smelly for cooking, I tell you that it also sticks to the material as the taste changes according to the condition of the kumaki. In "Kana" I spend my time carefully in the kiln and are doing kunpaku IshigakijimaMr. KinjoIt seems that you are using something of.

Kanjo san's Irabo's kumaki process is easy to understand, as the following movies have work scenery as well.

Iraq (Israeli) fishing and smoking work at Ishigakijima - YouTube

And, next to the cash register you can see Iraq like a figurine, but in reality this is a real Iraqu that was made smelly. The touch was ticky.

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