Available for free on that day urgently available · Books will be reduced by 10% Amazon points "Amazon Student"

"Student" is a program that allows students (university students, junior college students, graduate students) to enjoy various benefits for 6 months free of charge. It has already been started overseas, and it has become quite attractive content.

Amazon.co.jp: Amazon Student: Student's Program Amazon Student

The Amazon Student membership benefits are as follows.

· Amazon prime benefits
Amazon Prime(500 yen including tax), Express Hurry (350 yen for tax), Delivery date and time specified flight (350 yen for tax) on the day of Amazon prime target products showing logo of any number of times Available for free.

· Book 10% Amazon Points Reduction
When ordering a book (excluding comics / magazines), 10% of the order amount of the book (tax included) is reduced as an Amazon point.

· Members-only benefits and campaigns
Limited privileges and campaigns are offered for a limited time, and campaign information can be viewed from the Amazon Student top page. Moreover, it sometimes distributes it to the mail address registered in the account.

· Free for 6 months
After membership registration, free trial period for the first 6 months. Even for paid members after the 6-month free trial period, annual fee costs will be 1900 yen (including tax), and it will cost only half of the normal Amazon prime annual tax of 3900 yen. It will be automatically renewed for up to 4 years every year after that.

Applicable students only if they satisfy all of the following conditions.

· Being a university, graduate school, junior college student in Japan (according to Amazon standards)
· Have a school's e-mail address (e-mail address ending with "ac.jp" etc.)
· Have an account on Amazon.co.jp
· Having a credit card for paying annual fee (Credit card can be a credit card of a custodial person if there is consent of parental authority)
· I agree to send information such as Amazon Student member-only awards and campaign by e-mail
· In the case of minors, there is consent of parental guardian or guardian

In addition, it is possible to switch from Amazon prime member to Amazon Student member, after switching, the remaining Amazon prime annual fee will be refunded on a monthly basis. In addition, if you are an Amazon prime free trial, Amazon Student's target audience can switch to Amazon Student members even during free Amazon prime free trial, switching from Amazon Student's registration for another 6 months Student's free period can be used, and the annual fee will begin to occur after the free period of Amazon Student.

In other words, if you first become an Amazon prime member, after enjoying a one-month free period, if you switch to Amazon Student, you can use it for free for a total of seven months, and then four years from that will be available at half of the usual price is.

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