Free software "Toolwiz Time Freeze" that allows you to not have changed by rebooting

When installing free software etc., when the operation of the personal computer became suspicious, software which can return to the state before installation if it restarted is "Toolwiz Time Freeze"is. It is also possible to prohibit the operation of a specific folder / file. Installation and operation method is as follows.

Toolwiz Time Freeze | Toolwiz Software

◆ Installation

Click "Download" on the above site.

Click the downloaded installer. Rebooting is necessary to install.

Click "Install Now".

Click "OK" to start rebooting.

After rebooting, "Normal Mode" will be displayed at the top center of the desktop.

Click on the part displayed as below.

Click "Start TimeFreeze" if you want to change the setting of the PC to trial such as newly installing the software.

If you click "Start TimeFreeze", you can restore the original state even if you change the setting of the PC to trial.

Click "Stop TimeFreeze" to restore it.

Check the check box below and click "OK". Restart is started and the settings are restored.

Also, if you have a function to prohibit the operation of a specific folder / file, and prohibit the operation of the folder, click "Add Folder" and select the folder.

Click "Start File Locker".

Operation can not be performed.

To cancel the operation prohibition, click "Stop File Locker" and it is OK.

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