I tried various functions of Cyber-shot "DSC-TX 300 V" that can also carry 10 consecutive shots per second for smart cooperation and GPS functions

With toughness specifications such as waterproof, dustproof, and low temperature resistant, it is possible to shoot full HD movie of 10 pictures per second or 60 p per second. In addition, optical five times zoom, GPS, Organic EL display with contactless charging device and "TransferJet"Sony's fully equipped console featuring WiFi connection function"Digital still camera Cyber-shot DSC-TX300V(Direct sales price including tax 4,980 yen) ".Last photo reviewFollowing on, we decided to check various things using the main function while actually touching the petapepta this time.

◆ Send pictures to iPhone, Android smartphone

When you want to upload a photographed photo to Twitter and facebook it is convenient to have a camera attached smartphone, but it is also a fact that it is a bit unsatisfactory when you want to stick to image quality. So, by connecting the digital camera to the smartphone by ad hoc, it is Wi-Fi compatible wireless communication function that you can transfer the image and post it to SNS to sog or send it by e-mail.

For setting on the camera side, click the icon in the lower left of the image preview screen ... ....

Just select whether you want to transfer only one image or all images OK. This time I will try to send all the images in the camera.

On the iPhone side, a special application called PlayMemories (Play Memories) is necessary, so search first by AppStore.

Tap "Free" icon

Tap "Install"

Next, tap "Settings" to establish the wireless connection with the camera.

Turn on WiFi and select the access point starting with "DIRECT-"

Since the password is displayed on the camera ......

Enter the same on your iPhone.

Ready if connection is established as follows

Tap the home screen icon to start PlayMemories

Connection starts with this kind of feeling

Because the thumbnail is displayed, tap the photo you want to copy to iPhone and select it

Tap "copy" and OK

Transfer begins automatically afterwards

Since images are arranged in "Camera Roll" as follows, if you click the icon in the upper right ...

You can email and send tweets to Suga

For Android, get the app from Google Play

Tap "Download"

Tap "Agree and Download"

Tap "Open"

Tap "I agree"

Unlike the iPhone, you can go directly to the camera to connect from the application

Enter the password displayed on the camera body

Pick the necessary things from the displayed thumbnails ......

Tap "Copy"

Transfer is done automatically

The copied image is saved in a folder such as "Gallery"

◆ Install the included image management software

The procedure for installing free image management software "PlayMemories Home" is as follows.

First connect the camera with the PC with the USB cable and click the icon when it is recognized

Click "Storage Media"

Double click on the installer to launch

Click "OK"

Click "Next"

Check the license agreement and click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Install"

Click "Next"

Click "Finish" OK

I tried using TransfarJet

"TransfarJet" which allows you to transfer images by just placing the camera on a dedicated pedestal connected to the PC with USB is attractive to be able to send data without having to put in and take out the cable to the camera. When placing it on the pedestal, "PlayMemories Home" automatically starts up, please check the movie below to see how images can be imported.

I tried using Transfer Jet with Cyber-shot 'DSC-TX 300 V' - YouTube

◆ I tried taking a movie

Although it is Uri of "DSC - TX 300 V" that can shoot a movie with full HD (1920 × 1080) equivalent to Handycam, 60 p, but how much image stabilization on the telephoto side is effective is actually taken I tried it. The vertical direction is swaying around the center, but the dial of the watch is legible.

Check the effectiveness of camera shake correction with Cyber-shot 'DSC-TX 300 V' - YouTube

◆ GPS function looks like this

By turning on the acquisition of position information on the setting at the initial startup, geotag is automatically added to the photo, so you can check the location taken at the time of browsing with "Picasa" on the map.

It can also be used as a GPS logger. Since the route that I got has accumulated in the form of ".LOG" in the recording medium up to 24 hours, "SONY GPS - CS1K to Google Earth & Maps converter".kml" format if you convert it to "Google Maps" is available.

◆ Check start speed

It is better to be able to start the camera quickly because it will cause stress as you miss the scene you want to take if you are stuck at startup, or let the other party wait while taking a group photo. So, the results of testing the time from turning off the power to taking the first photo is as follows.

I tested the startup speed of Cyber-shot "DSC-TX 300 V" - YouTube

Since it is possible to take a picture of the first piece in about 3 seconds after pushing the power button at the top, this is the level that can shoot without stress.

◆ I shot with 10 consecutive shots per second

Because the interval between the shutters is very short, about 1/6 second, there are things that look like the same picture, but they are all separate photos.

Because the shutter speed is not so fast, although blur occurs occasionally, since it is the highest peak continuous shooting performance as a toughness system, it seems to be useful for sports shooting etc.

◆ Drop test

"DSC-TX 300 V" is not an impact-resistant model, but decided to try dropping it from the height of the shoulder of a man with a height of 180 cm to the floor of a flooring.

I tried testing the impact resistance by dropping the Cyber-shot "DSC-TX 300 V" on the floor - YouTube

Because the tempered glass is adopted on the surface and the moving parts are also small, it can be used without problems even after falling.

◆ Shooting samples look like this

Finally, I actually took it inside the town and tried shooting variously with a sense of snap. The settings are all set to "auto auto shooting" and the result with sharp shooting with rough feeling is as follows. Please note that the image is more compressed than jpeg and it is resized, so be careful as it is somewhat degraded from the original image.

Comparing the right side and the left side of the photo, you can see that the subtle shading difference in the cloudy sky can be expressed firmly.

Even if you take a slightly retrograde picture, the shadow part is almost unbroken

While the wide-angle lens of 35 mm converted value 26 mm, the distortion of the peripheral part is not so strong as the ceiling seems to be slightly bent.

It is like this when shooting at maximum wide angle.

If you use optical 5x zoom, you can get as close as this.

Furthermore, the images zoomed up to 10 times equivalent by combining the digital zoom "Super Resolution Zoom" with suppressed image quality deterioration are as follows.

I could shoot an airplane flying in the sky like this.

As for the image pickup device of the Condeji, the gradation expression tends to be poor when increasing the number of pixels, but "DSC - TX 300 V" is quite excellent. I am clearly able to shoot a delicate black difference etc.

Even with photos taken quickly while walking, you can express your coat up to the costume's coat.

If it is a camera with poor performance, white may become gray, blue, yellowish, but in this case clear white is available.

It is like this when you shoot something that is complicated in shape and has multiple small objects. As the white and black on the bottom also appears quite clearly, it is quite excellent as a condenser.

When you shoot flowers with a macro, it looks like this.

I can express firmly the fluffy feeling of fluff of dandelion.

The white candle in the three color glass has become beautiful white without any color fluctuation.

Although it is a camera made by Sony that is rumored to be "vulnerable to expression of red", there is no particular problem.

Maybe because I took it in a dark place, my skin got a little bit less bloodshot impression.

It becomes like this when shooting a dish.

If there was a light on the street or neon, it was possible to take pictures with hands at night even at night.

Pictures taken using the "swing panorama" function that allows panoramic shooting by shaking the camera horizontally or vertically are as follows.

It can also be used when shooting in portrait composition.

For reference, the model name of the major toughness series waterproofing con- tainers released by other companies and the name of the article at the time of writingPrice .comThe lowest price of the product will be summarized as follows.

· Canon "PowerShot D 20(Tax inclusive of 2,8384 yen) "
· PanasonicLUMIX DMC-FT 4(Tax inclusive of 2,8778 yen) "
· Olympus "Tough TG-820(Tax inclusive of 27,500 yen) "
· Pentax "Optio WG-2(Tax included 20,798 yen) "
· Nikon "COOLPIX AW 100(Tax included 18,500 yen) "
· FUJIFILM "FinePix XP 150(Tax included: 18,540 yen) "
· Ricoh "PX(8980 yen including tax) "

The lowest price at Sony's "DSC-TX 300 V" price.com37 thousand yenSo, it is said that it is right after the release and it is the most expensive model among the toughness series waterproof con- ditions. Nonetheless, it is true that cooperation with smartphones, full HD movie shooting in 60p, 10 consecutive shots per second, GPS logger, and so on, the total number of functions exceeds other models. Also, compared to smartphone cameras with remarkable high performance, the performance is still better, so it is recommended for those who want to take photographs easily without difficulty in various places including outdoor.

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