Adding a shutter button and a tripod hole to iPhone Film camera-like case "GIZMON iCA"

By updating to iOS 5.1, the position of the shutter button of iPhone's camera changed, making it easier to shoot than before, but if you are accustomed to a condenser etc., shooting is easier if you had a shutter button . So, by adding a shutter button to the iPhone, iPhone case with a tripod hole and camera strap attachment mouth, and even a replacement lens is "GIZMON iCA".


IPhone and GIZMON iCA.

Just fit in like the ordinary iPhone case.

It is complete.

All right, take it out ...

If you shoot like you OK

I got it from the neck and it looks like a little retro camera and fashionable

There is also an option for attaching a tripod

Stable shooting is possible with this

Furthermore, it is also compatible with lens exchange. By the way, if it is an ordinary camera, the center part is a lens, but the corner is the lens because it is an iPhone case to the last.

It will almost be able to handle iPhone with the sense of digital camera.

This product,PhotojojoThe case is only 65 dollars (about 5300 yen), the case and interchangeable lens set is 99 dollars (about 8000 yen), but at Gizmo shop it is available for purchase at 3980 yen.

GIZMON iCA for iPhone 4 / 4S (iPhone case) Toy camera, Toydeji, Vivitar, GIZMON, HOLGA / Gizmo shop

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