Stand fixing the iPhone 5 to both the bicycle and the car Navi "Voyager"

IPhoneBicycle that can be charged with dynamo power generationHas been released, the iPhone 5 can be fixed not only to the bicycle but also to the car, the stand can be changed to navigation "Voyager"is.

Quirky - Voyager

Voyager is an iPhone stand that can be used in two ways. It is made of reinforced nylon and aluminum, and its size is 133 mm × 67 mm × 63 mm.

It is possible to install it on the windshield of a car using a suction cup. The stand is designed to turn the neck and you can display the iPhone both vertically and horizontally. Since the stand is designed not to disturb the camera and flash, it is also possible to take pictures with the stand attached to the windshield.

It is also OK to remove the suction cup and attach it to the handle of the bicycle with the clip.

In addition, Voyager is currently under consideration for commercialization, details such as price are undecided.

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