"Sockets" which does not hurt the wrists when push-ups are made

A product that solves the problem of ...... that can not be trained with the arm of the main at all by placing a burden on the wrist when push-ups are "Sockets"is. With a design like a ball cut in half, hold the grip at the time of push-up and freely adjust the angle of the wrist so as not to hurt the wrist.

Quirky - Sockets

The material of Sockets is excellent in impact resistance and heat resistancePolycarbonate. The size of the main body is height 115 mm x diameter 145 mm, grip is made of rubber. Besides the main body, slip stopper is attached.

Rubber is attached to the back of the slip, and it becomes easier to use if you use a rubber mat so that it does not slide when used indoors.

Of course it can also be used outside.

Because of the semicircular design, you can adjust the angle of the wrist when you bend and extend your arms and never put an extra burden.

Using Sockets, you can train your muscles with a more fluid movement in push ups.

Since Sockets is currently under consideration for commercialization, details such as price are undecided.

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