A stapler "Align" that sticks a needle everywhere completely separating the needle stabbing part and table

Although we want to bind the middle of the document with the stapler, it often happens that the length does not reach enough and does not reach ... ... but at that time it is convenient to divide the top and bottom into two "Align". It is stuck with magnets, and the lower half can be completely removed, so it can be used not only for documents but also for walls.

Quirky - Align

The size is 160 mm x 50 mm x 33 mm. Although the main body is made of plastic, gripTPEIt is made of rubber (material like rubber), making it less slippery.

Align can be disassembled stapler. I like to split like this with two like this.

Normally, the place where stapler can be used is limited depending on the length of the main body, but Align can bind documents without problems even in the middle of paper. Lay the lower half of Align under the document like this ...

Paste from the top.

Also it can be used against walls, so it is convenient when pasting posters etc.

When not in use, it is solidly integrated with magnets. There is no need to use staplers of different sizes depending on the use, very convenient.

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