IPhone 4 / 4S / 5 stand "Pocket Tripod" convenient to carry with credit card size

On the iPhoneFashionable aluminum standYaWooden standThere are many easy-to-use things such as the stand for iPhone sticking to the size and freedom of angle adjustment of the stand "Pocket Tripod"Has appeared.

Pocket Tripod: 360 ° wallet-sized iPhone stand by Geometrical Inc. & Rambod Radmard - Kickstarter

Details of Pocket Tripod can be confirmed from the following movie.

Pocket Tripod is somewhat thinner than two credit cards, it is compact and convenient to carry.

The purse can be stored also in the Shopol.

Pocket Tripod is made by combining six somewhat complicated shapes parts made using 3D printers.

Looking at Pocket Tripod from the front it looks like this, it's refreshing design.

To use it is simple, to start it, firstly turn the upper half of Pocket Tripod as Kurutsu as the image below.

Then, it changed to such a form.

Afterwards, if you set up the side, it will turn into a stand quickly.

Looking at the iPhone for Pocket Tripod is like this.

Since the stand part rotates 90 degrees, it can also be adjusted to the angle which was difficult with the conventional stand.

Also, if you separate Pocket Tripod ......

You can also stand by inserting a landscape iPhone.

It is very convenient when you want to take pictures of severe angles without shaking hands, such as shooting the ceiling of the building.

It can also be used for car navigation.

If you put Pocket Tripod on the bed while sleeping, there is no annoying operation of holding the iPhone with hands.

When inserting the iPhone into Pocket Tripod, there is a gap between the ground plane and the iPhone, so worry that iPhone will get wet even if you spill a drink is useless.

Pocket Tripod is currentlyKickstarterDuring the recruitment of a contribution of 20 dollars, you can get either one black or white Pocket Tripod by equity investment of 20 dollars, shipping to Japan is also supported, and the shipping fee is 5 dollars (about 500 yen). In addition, Pocket Tripod has iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 / 4S version, and it is a form to choose which version is good when making a contribution. The deadline is 8:30 AM on July 1st (Monday) in Japan time, so it seems better to check the person you care about early.

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