"NORMAL" that you can order earphones that fit your ear with a special application

If you are a person who sticks to earphones, I think that I have thought about custom-made models tailored to the shape of my ear once, but in order to actually create, it is necessary to take the type of ear, price Because there are many expensive things, hurdles often feel high. Custom-made earphone creation service using 3D printer "NORMAL"Is to be able to easily get the ear by using the smartphone application and get your own model at a relatively affordable price.


The shape of the ear is each person, and there is no "ordinary form (= normal)". In order to make an earphone that fits my ear, I had to mold the ears and mold it with silicon etc.

NORMAL has become such a service that you can make such a private earphone with the application of smartphone.

NORMAL is an earphone that fits perfectly with the shape of the ear and achieves comfortable fit. The price is $ 199 (about 20,000 yen) for shipping fee included in the United States.

Its most important feature is its shape that 3D printing is done according to the shape of the user's ear lobe.

The structure looks something like this. The body part is a case of aluminum scraping out, and parts which fit to the ear lobe are 3D-printed parts made of ABS resin are used. Dynamic type 14 mm type is adopted as a driver.

The remote control is built in the cable part, and it is said that music playback, volume adjustment, incoming call etc are possible.

To measure the shape of your ear, start a special application and shoot with the camera along the guide.

It also supports changing color, so you can create only one model for yourself in the world.

You can specify the shape and color and order it. In addition, at the time of writing the article was at the stage of accepting reservations.

A dedicated applicationIOS versionWhenAndroid versionHas been released, but at the moment it can be downloaded only in the United States, downloading and ordering have been unsupported from within Japan. Since correspondence to the outside of the United States is said to be advanced in the future, it seems better to check people who are interested in the future.

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