Lawson's "premium self-made rilakkuma roll cake" tried a quick taste

Chinese slime with slime faceAlthough something has been sold in the past, Lawson has been on sale from March 3 (Tue)Uchi cafeAs a new work of the series "Rilakkuma roll cake made by oneself (purine cream)We will release. I had a chance to eat ahead of this time so I tried it.

Rilakkuma original product | Spring Rilakkuma Fair | Lawson

Rilakkuma roll sample arrived at the editorial department. It is planned to sell in yellow packages at the store.

Ears already attached, but eyes and nose are separate.

Rilakkuma's unbelievable eyes and nose are well reproduced.

I will peel off because it has a film.

With a mouth ......

Keep an eye on ... ....

Completion The color, eyes and nose are quite similar to Rilakkuma, and it seems that it can be said that the degree of reproduction is high.

When I take my eyes off, it looks somewhat different.

More to the eye, LINE'sBrownIt will be like the atmosphere.

I will put a spoon in my ear and eat it immediately.

The cream has a custard flavor and it tastes like a custard pudding with a weak taste of eggs when eating it with a fancy caramel-flavored roll cake fabric. The dough is moist and fluffy, and the cream is smooth, so the soft texture is the "Premium roll cakeWith.

Next I will eat eyes and mouth made of chocolate.

The white part of the nose is the taste of milk, the black part is a slightly sweet chocolate, and the compatibility with creams and dough is outstanding. Not only the appearance but also the taste was firmly made.

One of the characteristics of Lawson's roll cake is that it has many creams. It seems likely that your mouth will come up so you should eat it with coffee or tea.

In addition, the price of Rilakkuma Roll Cake (Purple Cream) made by Premium by yourself is sold for a limited time at 245 yen including tax. It is recommended not only for those who like Rilakkuma but also for those who like sweets like puddings and caramels.

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