I tried using a stabilizer "StayblCam" that can shoot stable images with smartphones and GoPro

A large stabilizer and equipment, and a camera stabilizer that can easily take movies like smooth movies without using a power supply are "StayblCam"is. I decided to experiment with the actual machine to see how smoothly we can shoot the image.

StayblCam - Video Stabilization for Smartphones, iPhones, GoPro camera

The picture taken with StayblCam and the picture actually contained are like this. Even with subtle height objects that are difficult to shoot, stable images can be contained. The biggest point is that the movement of the wrist is hardly transmitted to the camera.

"StayblCam" and shooting with iPhone 6 - YouTube

StayblCam is a cloud funding siteKickstarterIt is a stabilizer for smartphones and compact cameras that has been commercialized as a result of a large number of contributions gathered in the system, so that the handles that support the main body move independently so that they do not transmit vibrations. Details can also be confirmed in past articles.

Stabilizer "StayblCam" that can shoot a smooth movie with easy adjustment - GIGAZINE

This is the actual StayblCam. The goods arrived packed in a paper box.

In the package, the scenes that use the action camera such as smartphone and GoPro are printed.

Colorful illustrations and photographs are used for package designs, and design tastes such as overseas products are absolutely essential.

The package is "Made in USA" letter. Although it seems that many parts were scheduled to be made in China at the initial schedule, many seems to be switched to production in the United States during the commercialization process. There are many cases that such a story is made public to investors, and it is also interesting place of cloud funding that we can witness the process until completion.

I opened the package quickly. A catch phrase "No More SHAKY Videos" (Movie of Brevle is no longer needed) is well-telling the product.

Inside the StayblCam main body and easy handling manual was included.

Here is the main body of StayblCam. The length is about 30 cm.

Weight is 446 grams. Weight for balancing is enclosed in the part of the handle on which the logo was printed, and I feel a weight that it was a little "zush" when actually holding it.

The tip part was processed into a cross, and a rubber holder was glued.

It inserts the smartphone in this gap and fixes with the rubber fold.

When I pressed with a finger, it was hard enough to bend with Fuya.

It looks like I actually wore the iPhone 6. Even if you shake the main body, it will not fall with some shaking.

In addition, cross cuts are designed for different widths, and correspond to a wide range of smart phones. Nexus 4 in the photo is a model with a thickness of 9.1 mm, but it seems that you can use it without difficulty if it is about 15 mm.

The tip holder can be removed with a screw type. Since this screw has the same size as a general camera tripod, it is possible to attach various attachments.

You can install GoPro like this and you can also wear a compass (compact digital camera).

The part that shines silver is the handle part with StayblCam in hand. Black rubber with nonslip is rolled.

A telescopic shaft passes through the interior, and the main body is divided into upper and lower partitions. The mechanism to grow and shrink is the same as "pointing stick" commonly used in school classes.

The handle part contains StayblCam's most important mechanism. Two rotation axes meet at 90 degreesGimbalThe mechanism is adopted, and the movement of the steering wheel has become hard to be transmitted to the axis. This structure is often used for common camera stabilizers.

The way to hold the handle is like this, hold it so as to support it mainly with your thumb and forefinger.

Also, it is also a point to lightly attach the little finger and ring finger to the shaft like this. Actually you need a bit of tricks, but you can absorb the fluctuation of the extra body and stabilize it.

A movie that actually shook the handles is here. I can see that the movement of the wrist hardly transmitted, and the body always keeps the same angle. Because the bearings are not equipped. Movement in the direction of rotation is transmitted as it is.

The movement of the gimbal part of "StayblCam" looks something like this - YouTube

Another way that StayblCam maintains a stable posture is because you can adjust the balance around the handle part. In this way, by balancing the left and right with the handle part as a fulcrum, it becomes possible to accommodate images with less shaking.

Balancing is not too difficult. Firstly extend the axis properly ...

Adjust the length of the upper and lower axes and find the point where the balance between the camera and the weight just balances. In addition, the manufacturer's announcement that it is possible to correspond up to about 400 grams.

In this way, the adjustment is completed when it gets big without blurring even if you release your hand. Incidentally, extending the camera part as much as possible at this time is likely to be a point to increase stability.

The camera part got up or ...

On the contrary, stable shooting can not be performed if it looks downward.

When adjustment was completed, I brought StayblCam and went shooting while walking around the city. First of all, the movie which I shot with iPhone 6 on hand is here. The iPhone 6 also has a function to suppress the blurring of the camera, but you can see that the screen is shaking little by little so as to fit the footsteps of "Zazzat".

"StayblCam" shooting test · Photographing iPhone 6 on hand - YouTube

And here is a movie wearing iPhone 6 on StayblCam and walking in the same way. You can see that it contains much more stable images than the above. The movement of the angle which made it a little "null" is also the unique finish of shooting with a stabilizer.

"StayblCam" shooting test · Photographing iPhone 6 on StayblCam - YouTube

Next time I switched the camera to GoPro and tried shooting. First of all, the movie on hand is here.

"StayblCam" shooting test · Photographing GoPro on hand - YouTube

And what I took when I wore it on StayblCam. Like the iPhone 6, it gets finished with an image with increased stability. Although the vibration due to walking is suppressed considerably, as the movement in the rotation direction of the shaft is not absorbed as described above, the movement of the camera to the left and right is left to some extent, but this will be improved while getting used and incorporating There was a feeling.

"StayblCam" shooting test · Photographing GoPro on StayblCam - YouTube

In this way, StayblCam can be said to be a camera stabilizer that realizes a sense of stability beyond imagination despite its simple mechanism. Although the campaign with Kickstarter has already ended, it seems that the order acceptance is also being done on the site which is also compatible with Japanese, so it seems that people who are interested may contact us.

StayblCam video stabilizer (pre-order)

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