A former Apple designer went to the owner's cafe "efish" in Kyoto

From 2002 to 2012 I will be involved in Apple's industrial design and also spatial production etc.Susumu NishiboriMr. Owner's cafe is located near the Gojo Ohashi in Kyoto "Efish"is. I went to the shop because the location was good along the Kamogawa river and the interior was made full of sense.

Efish> home

The address of efish is "Location 798 - 1 Nishihashi - cho Fururo Kojo - cho, Shimogyo - ku, Kyoto - ku, Kyoto Prefecture, and it is located about 2 - 3 minutes from Shimizu Gojo station.

Arrived at the shop. The first and second floors of somewhat old cloudy building are efish.

There are suitcases lined up in the shop, and atmosphere that does not look like a cafe a little.

A signboard with a balloon on which a fish was drawn on the cat is a landmark.

Terrace seating was not prepared as it is cold in winter.

When entering the shop, you can see Kamogawa through the glass.

Looking at the seat near the entrance ... ...

It became a tank, and fish was kept.

There is a full-fledged espresso machine in the kitchen.

When I visited the shop, the first floor was full, so I was first introduced to the second floor. On the 2nd floor, natural light is inserted from the window morely, making it a pleasant space.

The second floor is a counter seat ......

There are seats on the couch facing the sofa and the chair.

You can also look at the Takase River from the west side of the second floor.

There are seats along the Kamogawa river, overlooking the river.

First we sit down and watch the menu. Regular menu and seasonal menu are prepared, and you will not get tired of the menu even if visiting regularly.

Menu was drawn on chalk with chalk. Menu has a lot of kinds of drinks, cafe menus such as sandwiches and curry and alcohol were prepared. This time I ordered ice cream topping (100 yen including tax) to sand and clam chowder set of bacon · tomato · lettuce (1130 yen including tax) and hot coffee (480 yen including tax), daily carotte's cake (520 yen including tax).

Waiting for a while to see the inside until I received the order. Craft goods like Kyoto are placed on the 2nd floor and can be purchased.

A handkerchief of a fashionable design was also placed.

The accessories in the store are basically for sale, but it is an impression that matches well with space.

Speakers designed by Susumu Nishibori were also placed.

Mugs, teapot, pots etc are also sold.

It is said that Apple's former designer is producing, so if you are looking for something Apple's product ... ...

I found an old MacBook. I tried to see the inside of the store, but the only Apple product on display was this personal computer.

After a while, the seat along the Kamogawa River on the east side was empty so we decided to sit here.

Blankets are also available in the seats and it is a pleasant experience even on cold weather.

Although it is somewhat cold as it is winter, I could see the Kamogawa and the Gojo Bridge.

The meal menu arrived first in about 10 minutes from the order.

Bacon · Tomato · Lettuce sandwich is full of ingredients in baked bread.

Lettuce, tomato, bacon is geeky when seen from the side.

When opening the mouth wide and trying to eat it, butter is also soaked in the fragrantly baked bakery, the sourness of tomatoes, the taste of bacon, and the texture of lettuce prawns are exceptional. Simple but finished in a unique sandwich that was added one time.

Mashed potatoes and salads are also included.

Mayonnaise etc is not contained in mashed potatoes, it is seasoned lightly with salt etc., smooth mouth feel.

The salad was covered with olive oil and the sourness of the leaves was strong impression.

Clam chowder has slightly more pepper and parsley floating.

If you scoop with a spoon and drink it, the taste of the clams and the cream compatible well, the taste perfect for winter. I was worried before drinking, "If pepper is overcooked ... ..." I was worried, but it was not particularly hot.

Since the second floor seats close at around 18 o'clock during the quiet period, I will transfer the place to the first floor seat.

Since the sun has fallen, the light began to light up in the shop.

The seats along the Kamogawa river on the first floor have large windows, and natural light is well inserted during daytime.

Accessories and mugs similar to the second floor were also arranged on the first floor.

There was a clock written with "Kyoto" and "Lanikai.Hawaii" written.

Next time I will sit on the sofa seat.

After a while, the cake and coffee after meals arrived.

The cake was changed daily, this time a cake with carrot was offered.

Cinnamon is applied to the surface, cream cheese is also used.

From the side, you can see the carved orange carrot and walnut.

First of all, when we cut the cake with a fork and eat it, the moisture is slightly less and it has a strong texture, but cream cheese and grilled carrot contain impression that it is not too heavy. The walnut of crispy texture is also a good accent, sweetness is modest and the taste of the material lives well.

Especially recommended is how to eat with ice cream. Vanilla of Haagen Dazs is used for ice cream, and when you eat it with cake you can enjoy richness and sweetness and change in taste.

Finally a coffee after dinner.

The mug is also a little strange design.

The coffee feels a soft acidity, bitter taste but there is richness, finish that does not disturb meal, even people who are not good at coffee seemed to drink.

The sun has completely fallen from leaving the shop and it was a different atmosphere from daytime.

Efish is open from noon to midnight and it is open every day except year-end and new year. It is a cafe where you can enjoy the space regardless of day and night time, so it is recommended when you want to take a rest in Kyoto sightseeing.

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