Overpopulation of PET bottle size I tried using a compact folding chair "Sitpack"

Line up to eat popular cuisine of famous shops, line up to take an amusement park attraction, line up to get limited items, how many minutes a train or plane in a benchless home Waiting with standing still, it is hard to keep waiting for a long time standing where there is no place to sit. But always for a matrix that you do not even knowOutdoor ChairCarrying around is quite troublesome as well. A compact folding chair of PET bottle size which seems to be useful at such time is "SitpackIn the cloud funding siteMakuakeI got the one I financed with, so I actually tried using it.

"World's smallest class" We want to spread pocket size folding chair to Japan!

Sitpack arrived in the following packet.

It contains a box written as "SITPACK" based on black in the background ... ...

Among them are Sitpack main body and three English instructions and Japanese instructions.

This is a cylindrical body of Sitpack. The height is 16.8 cm, the diameter is 6.6 cm.

Compared with the iPhone 6, it looks like this.

It is just as big as a 500ml PET bottle.

On the top is a hinge for opening the side of the body pacapaca.

"SITPACK" logo is also included.

The bottom surface is flat and it is designed to stand up.

With a hand like this, the weight is about 500 g.

Usage is as follows.

First open the side of the main body in the direction of the arrow ...

Open the side 180 degrees. This side part becomes the seat surface of Sitpack.

Red rubber parts inside. This is the bottom of Sitpack.

Next, stand parts so that the part housed inside the main body forms "T character" with the side ... ...

Continue to pull the red anti-skid parts on the edge in the direction of the arrow.

Then, the following long T-shaped folding chair is completed.

Sitpack is the same as radio antenna and fishing rodTelescopicAdopted a structure called a structure called structure. It has become possible to expand and contract seven cylindrical parts in six stages.

With this tubular part fully extended, when twisting the whole part in the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise with respect to the axis) with the seating surface up, the red non-slip part down, and the tubular part extended It will be locked in state.

When locked, it is designed so that the vertical lines on the side of each cylindrical part line up in line.

Finally push up the cylinder parts under the seat ... ...

Twisting in the direction of the arrow (clockwise with respect to the axis) will lock the seat and allow you to sit on Sitpack.

When all the locks are completed, make sure that the seating surface and the telescopic structure part are securely locked before sitting ......

It is ok if you sit down to draw the character of "people" as follows. It is the best way to sit so that the legs and Sitpack will open at just 40 degrees.

The method of assembling Sitpack is also introduced in the movie as follows.

Sitpack Instruction Video - YouTube

When folding, twist in the opposite direction to locking each cylinder part ......

If you unlock the seating surface ......

You can return to the original PET bottle size.

Because it is PET bottle size it can be easily stored in a bag, it is very convenient to carry.

So, actually when you use Sitpack outside, you will be puzzled by the unfamiliar seating comfort and instability of a single leg, but as soon as you get used to it, sitting with yourself as much as an ordinary chair I can.

The red non-slip parts of the feet are compact, but they firmly grip the ground, so it seems to be active in various places from deco boku alley to flat concrete.

The seat surface of Sitpack is circular and plastic type material is used. So, depending on the pants you are wearing at the time of use, sliding slip from the seat also slips, so it seems to be easier to use if you paste cloth like slip cushion cushion on the side.

As a comment that I actually used, Sitpack 's comfort is as it is, but its portability is outstanding, too. Because it is PET bottle size, you can carry it in your pocket even if you do not have a bag, you can always have a chair at any time you like. From a little train waiting time to the moment in queue to outside camp, useful for every moment until the moment the waiting time becomes longer or unexpected timing. Among them, it is especially recommended for those who move around actively outside and those who "want to sit on chairs and have a break even in a little wait".

In addition, in case of trouble with Sitpack's expansion / contraction structure, it may be dissolved by disassembling / assembling the main body along the video introducing the following disassembly and assembly method.

Sitpack Assembly Video (Demolition and Assembly) - YouTube

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