It approaches Michelin's first American three-star sushi chef

In the New York version of the Michelin Guide, the store that won three stars for the first time as a sushi shop in the United States is "MASA"is. Mr. Masaaki Takayama, who is the general manager, seems to hardly allow coverage and shooting of shops, but Mr. Cut Oder of Eater succeeded in gathering information and learned about MASA's Random Course "America's most delicious sushi" I am enjoying.

How America's First 3 Star Michelin Sushi Chef Serves His Fish - YouTube

Mr. Masayasu Takayama, General of MASA, who holds sushi. Mr. Takayama who has been making sushi for 30 years to spread sushi culture and spread it in the United States is known as "Masa" in New York.

"In a traditional sushi restaurant, the general will serve you as soon as you hold the sushi. What is the underlying idea of ​​this method? Why are you selling sushi directly to the customer from the hands of the general? Is it? "

"All dishes, not limited to sushi, are served to customers as soon as they are completed.This method has power and energy, I do not want to miss this, for example, Even if it is delayed by 10 seconds or 15 seconds, it is difficult to keep the warmth and coldness of cooking, so it is important to provide freshly prepared dishes. "

The first cuisine of the Random Course is "Caviar Dish" with caviar on the large Toro. It seems that compatibility with large toro is preeminent because the saltiness of caviar is very elegant. Mr. Oder who ate the caviar dish, "It is delicious when Toro's rich flavor and grainy feeling of caviar eat together," he seems satisfied.

Masa who is niccoly listening to the impression that it is tasty.

The time when Odell visited was Fugu in the season, so the subsequent dish was a fisher's fin, skin, lever, intestine. From the various parts of Fugu it is possible to enjoy complex flavors such as smoothness, creamy taste, delicacy, sweetness. Because we are using seasonal fish, we can eat this fugu dish from October to March, and after April it seems that dishes using different fish will be served.

Next is a dish of sea urchin and black truffle. It is a simple menu just baked while using the sea urchin shell as a vessel, leaving a raw texture of ingredients. It seems that it adds a little miso to such an extent that it does not destroy the sea urchin flavor.

Odel who licks the sea urchin shell after finishing eating because of too much delicacy.

Masa grasps sushi in front of me. First I will gratefully wasabi.

At first it seems to hold Toro.

It seems that it is the way to make sushi by grasping the sharp gently so that you grab a bird with your palm and sticking the neta and shari.

Paint brush with soy sauce ......

Directly deliver it to customers.

Next I will judge the flounder.

Red turnip is an accented handful sushi.

How to thinly thin it.

Himaraya rock salt is put on with a finger.

With fruit juice of ...

Using the grated yuzu 's skin as an accent.

"Very tasty!" Odell.

Silvery body is beautiful, sushi handful sushi.

There are also varieties of Shiitake's handful sushi.

Next Masa picked out what is Parmesan cheese.

I will also use black truffle

The flavor of cheese and truffle mix together, it is said that it is becoming a sushi of complex taste.

At the end Odell thanked "DOMO, ARRIGATO" in Japanese, the luxurious supper was over.

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