Moss burger "Rice gold noodle" using rich W Teriyaki sauce Review

Orthodox burgers developed by Mos Burger "Exceptional hamburger steam sand"Using two new Teriyakidare"Teriyaki of goldWe joined, so we went to eat.

I arrived at a crowded shop at night.

It seems that it started to be made after ordering, burger of hokoka comes out in about ten minutes.

The wrapping paper has a golden sticker called "Teriyaki of gold".

When rice and top buns are removed, a rich source appears. This time, two Teriyaki sauces are used, which is called "Negi Soy Sauce Sauce and Ginger Soy Sauce Sauce.

Fried fried eggs are hard roasted.

Refreshing lettuce

In addition, tomatoes, and finally reach Patty.

Teriyaki sauce of hamburger has a pretty sweet image, but this teriyaki sauce is fairly fragrant, rich in bitter and rich in taste of sweet sauce, but it does not eat it with the taste of sweet sauce, it helps to taste meat well It is around.

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