Mosud's 2nd bullet "Donut burger moss (wasabi sauce)" "Donut burger terrier (wasabi sauce)" appeared

The identity of the mysterious Mosud, which will be released from May 12, has finally become clear today. Two types of "Mother burger moss (wasabi sauce)" and "Donut burger teri (wasabi sauce)" are newly released from Mos Burger. From May 12th (Tuesday) until early July, we plan to sell at Mos Burger shops nationwide, using a donut-shaped patty (hamburger) with a hole in the center.

Details of the price etc. from the following.
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With "Donut × Hamburger", limited-release new products full of fun
"Donut burger moss (wasabi sauce)" "Donut burger teri (wasabi sauce)" (161 KB)

"Donut burger moss (wasabi sauce)" and "donut burger teri (wasabi sauce)" respectively announced this time are 320 yen including tax, and by the capital and business alliance of Duskin Co., Ltd. and Moss food service Co., Ltd., with Mr. Donuts Mos Burger will be the second product developed mutually with a common theme.

· "Donut burger moss (wasabi sauce)" (320 yen / tax included)
· "Donut burger W moss (wasabi sauce)" (440 yen / tax included)

It is a regular Moss Burger Patty made into a donut shape, and an original wasabi sauce is put in the hole part, a meat burger classic meat sauce, plus wasabi sauce. Wasabi Mayo sauce is based on mayonnaise, it is an original source made with horseradish, horseradish etc etc. As we continue to eat hamburgers, it seems that we can enjoy wasabi flavor by reaching the wasabi sauce that entered the donut patty hole. W Moss version will be Patty increased to 2 pieces.

· "Donut burger terrier (wasabi sauce)" (320 yen / tax included)
· "Donut burger W terrier (wasabi sauce)" (440 yen / tax included)

Like "Donut burger moss (Wasabi sauce)", it is a usual Teriyaki burger, using a donut shaped patty, original wasabi sauce. Wasabi sauce has good compatibility with Teriyaki sauce, it seems to be a new Teriyaki Burger with a clear aftertaste.

In the hole part of this "donut shaped patty", there is an original wasabi mayonnaise using mayonnaise, horseradish, horseradish and so on, and it is uri that the taste changes on the way while eating.

Actually, what kind of taste will it become ... ... it is pretty bothersome, so it is useless to try this.

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"Donut burger" & "Potedo" appeared from Mister Donut as Mosud's second bullet

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